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How using SMS marketing delivered your company a hole in one

You have just returned home after a pleasant round of golf in jubilant mood. Not only have you played well and beaten your friends and business colleagues, but you have also trumped them off the course. It’s a lovely warm feeling you have inside.

You listened to them gradually give the game away as to their marketing struggles after the subject came up half-way round. Keeping your own counsel until back in the clubhouse, you were delighted to let them in on how your own concern in the travel industry was flourishing through using SMS marketing provided by a specialist company and why they should follow your lead.

  • You were certainly on the right track calling in an expert company in handling SMS marketing, as it is a skilled art. Rather than trying to do it yourself, you decided to talk to a team with getting on for a quarter of a century of experience.
  • The messages that they created for you were sent to both the mobile numbers in your customer base as well as virtual 11-digit numbers, thus increasing the chances of connecting with additional trade.
  • At the same time, you had peace of mind that you the service provider was one of integrity as it offered opt outs and options to unsubscribe.
  • You knew that the messages would be sent out in seconds and would have a 98% chance of being read, far more than if a message was sent by email. The messages had a personal feel to them of a tone that you would have welcomed. That was a huge bonus of running with experts. It allowed you to offer some travel advice to those wishing to visit England.
  • Being able to use the bulk messaging to advertise your special offers was of huge benefit as your sales team was inundated for the rest of the week. And then providing updates and let them know of its popularity increased the clamour to book with you.
  • Updates also became invaluable for service information to those waiting to be picked up by coach, meaning no waiting around and frustration, which in turn meant no negative feedback to your drivers who also felt that they belonged to a professional company.
  • You received full value for money for your service from the experts who ensured that the exercise was one that you wanted to keep repeating as it was more than cost effective.
  • The conversion rate of customers spending money with your company to those who received the SMS message was far higher than other marketing tools.
  • You know from your own experience of deleting that marketing emails often never get opened or sometimes never reach the intended recipient due to spam filters. SMS messaging is highly reliable with no such barriers meaning you could relax and look to take your employees on a rewarding evening out.

Using SMS messaging as a marketing tool is cost effective, timely, speedy, and guarantees results reaching a wide customer base within seconds.

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