How To Upgrade Tplink Deco S4 WiFi System With App & Why Necessary?

The Tp-link Deco S4 is a wireless dual-band 3-pack mesh WIFi system. It offers incredible network coverage & blazing transmission speed. The WiFi of this system is fast & seamless throughout your home. The deco unit works with 3 units that deliver 5,500 sq. ft. network coverage. Moreover, the tp-link deco s4 WiFi system automatically connects to the closer router, so you can easily & completely enjoy the seamless streaming video around your home. You can simply create the network with a single name(SSID) & password. The AC technology absolutely works with the deco unit that offers a lag-free internet connection throughout the home. With the wireless network of this system, simply connect the IP camera & enjoy the live streaming feature. 

The Tp-link deco s4 mesh system comes along with the latest mesh technology then delivers network coverage from corner to corner. The LAN port is there in this mesh system then delivers the network is 100Mbps. The WPA2-PSK security protocol is there in this mesh system then makes the network more secure. The tp link deco s4 setup works with all home network devices if the technology is wired or wireless. 

Why is it necessary to upgrade the tp link Deco S4 WiFi System?

The Tp-link deco s4 mesh system delivers a high-speed wireless network around the home. The transmission speed of this system is very high & stronger than the other system. The dual-band network completely works with this system that absolutely makes the connection strong. The number of 6 ports absolutely allows making the wired network connection. If you wish to enjoy the seamless & ultimate network coverage then you can thoroughly utilize the deco mesh system.

If you wish to maintain the network coverage as well as maximize the internet connection, then you need to upgrade the deco unit. In the case, if the firmware of the deco unit is outdated then you are not enjoying the stable or blazing transmission speed. To maintain the internet connection of the deco unit, you always upgrade the firmware of the deco unit. Then you can really take the benefits of stable network connectivity. 

Can I upgrade the Tp-link Deco S4 WiFi System firmware without the app? 

For the tp-link deco unit, the deco app is available, then with this app, you can easily set up the internet connection. Additionally, you can simply check the status as well as upgrade the firmware. If you need to maximize the internet connection, then you should upgrade the firmware. By using the deco app quickly upgrade the deco unit. 

If you want to upgrade the deco unit without the app, then you can also do it with a web interface. In this way, you need the default login ip of the deco unit. Without a login ip, you are not able to access the setting. Thus, you can also upgrade the deco unit with the web interface. 

Upgrade Tplink Deco S4 WiFi System With App 

To maximize the network coverage & internet connection, you always upgrade the deco unit. If you wish to upgrade the deco unit with the app, then firstly download the deco app. 

Download the deco app

To download the deco mobile app on your mobile phone, you need to ensure the network. Because to download the deco app, network connectivity is mandatory. Without network connectivity, you cannot visit the play store. Just visit Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search the deco app in the search bar. Then visit the app page, tap the download option, & download it starts. 

the tp-link deco account

Open the deco app on your mobile phone. Then the sign-in page is pop-up. To utilize the app, you need to sign in to the deco unit account. You can simply & effortlessly sign in to the account by using the login information. The login information is most important. Mention the login username & login page in the available tp-link deco sign-in page. After mentioning the login information, tap the login option & properly log in to the deco unit.

Upgrade the deco unit 

After logging into the deco unit, you redirect the homepage of the deco app. You navigate the deco app setting with the setting option. Under the setting, click the update deco option. Then, the firmware update page is prompt on your mobile phone. On the below side, you will get the download firmware option. Tap this option & download the deco unit. After downloading is finished with the deco unit, the page is shown. On this page, the deco home W-Fi system is currently up-to-date. You can seamlessly enjoy the faster network. 

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