How To Instantly Solve Paper Jam Issue In HP Envy 6055 Printer?

The HP 6055 printer is WiFi connectivity technology & all functions enable the wireless printer. It completely prints high-quality documents. This printer performs print, scan, copy, & scan functions. Then you can simply print, copy, scan, or fax your essential documents.  This printer prints paper from two sides, which saves paper as well as time. The color printing features are available in the HP ENvy 6055 printer. Then, you can approach the color as well as black documents. The dual-band WiFi network completely works with this 6055 wireless printer. The Bluetooth connectivity technology is there in the 6055 wireless all-in-one printer. Then, you can securely connect your printer to your device with Bluetooth technology. 

Moreover, you can simply access the borderless printing photos with the Hp envy 6055 wireless all-in-one printer. The USB port is also built-in in this printer. This port usually allows establishing the PC connection with the wireless printer. The back paper speed is thoroughly much higher than the white paper speed. The main feature of this printer, you can simply connect any device to the printer with the HP smart app. The compatible capacity is much better than the hp officejet pro 8025 printer. 

Why is paper necessary for the HP Envy 6055 Printer?

The HP envy 6055 wireless smart printer comes along with a bright & touchscreen display. With this LCD display, you can simply print, copy, & scan the document. The button is built-in in this printer, then you simply press the button & print, copy, or scan the documents. If you print the documents with this printer, then you should install the sheets in the printer’s tray. The sheets are the most important factory of the printer. Without the paper, you are not able to get the printing or copying paper. 

The paper of the 6055 wireless all-in-one printer is most important. The 100 sheets of this printer are input capacity. Additionally, the 25 sheets are the output capacity. Thus, for the print & copying the documents the paper is most important for the printer apparatus. 

Causes: Paper Jam Issue In HP Envy 6055 Printer

Many times, the paper jam issue comes with the HP envy 6055 wireless all-in-one printer. With the paper jam issue, you are not able to print any documents. There are some issues due to paper jam problems that occur.

  • Inserting the dirty paper
  • Using the wrong size of paper
  • Insert the paper in the printer with wrong way
  • Using the poor quality paper
  • Dust particles accumulate on the paper tray
  • Insert more than 100 sheets at a time

Solutions: Paper Jam Issue In HP Envy 6055 Printer

If the paper jam issue comes then you need to resolve this manually. Here are some solutions to properly & quickly resolve the issue. 

Clean the paper tray of the wireless printer

To resolve the paper jam issue, you should verify the paper tray of this printer. The paper tray is built-in in the wireless printer. In this printer tray, you can simply & effortlessly install the paper. If the paper jam issue causes them, you need to verify the paper tray. If the paper tray is dirty with the dust particle, then you should clean the paper tray. You can use the dry cloth & brush. With the dry cloth & brush, you can simply clean the paper tray. After that, insert the paper into this paper tray. 

Update or reinstall the printer driver

Sometimes, the printer that you are using for the HP printer 6055 is outdated. If the driver is outdated then it does not work properly. To resolve the issue, you always update the printer driver. From our website, you can simply & effortlessly update the wireless printer driver. If the issue does not resolve, then you can uninstall the printer that you are using. After some time, you have to install the printer driver again. 

Manually restart the HP Envy 6055 wireless printer

If the paper jam issue occurs with the HP 6055 wireless all-in-one printer, then you can simply resolve the issue. Then, for this the hp envy 6055 troubleshooting step is to restart the printer. You can manually restart the wireless printer. 

Disconnect the power cord into the printer’s power connector. Also, unplug from the power supply. Then, press the power button of this printer. 

Disconnect & reconnect the printer from PC or Laptop

 To resolve the paper jam issue, you should disconnect the printer from the PC/laptop device. You can simply disconnect the connection. Just disconnect the USB cable in the available USB port of the 6055 wireless printers. After some minutes, you can again establish the connection with the USB cable. 

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