How To Connect The USB Printer To The FRITZbox Gigabit Router?

The fritz!box router is a wireless international 4-port gigabit WiFi 11ac high-speed router. It offers incredibly faster WiFi speed. This router works with a dual-band network then offers superior WiFi speed. In the dual-band network, the 2.4GHz & 5GHz network is included. The 2.4GHz network of this router delivers extended network coverage. Additionally, the 5GHz network delivers faster & strong network connections. Moreover, the FritzBox Gigabit router works with the internet modem. With the modem connection, the router works perfectly. The Power/DSL, Internet, WLAN, Fixed Line, & Info LED light is built-in on the front surface of the router. Through this LED light you can simply estimate the strength of the signals. 

Moreover, the Fritz box wireless dual-band gigabit router supports the Gigabit Ethernet LAN port. Then, with these ports, you can simply establish the wired connection. The transmission speed of this router is up to 1300 Mbps. The AC speed is faster & superior to the N & AX technology. To approach the wireless range with this router, you should perform the router setup by using The setup is necessary to maintain the range as well as amplify the network range. 

Why is a USB printer necessary for the FRITZbox Gigabit Router?

The fritz box dual-band gigabit router offers high-speed network connectivity. The WiFi connectivity technology is there for this router. The Fon port is also available in this router, so you can simply connect a mobile phone to the router. The LAN port is also available that is usually more useful for the PC, game, console, network, & more. 

Additionally, the 2× USB port is also built-in in the fritz box router. Through this port, you can simply establish the connection. If you have a wireless printer, & wish to remotely print the documents then you need to establish the connection. With the USB port that is built-in in the wireless printer, simply make the USB network connection. 

Connect The USB Printer To The FRITZbox Gigabit Router

If you wish to connect the printer to the fritzbox then you need to decide the location. Then you are able to establish the network connection. Here are some steps to establish the printer connection with the fritzbox router. 

Decide the printer location

To connect the printer to the fritzbox router, you need to select the location. Because the printer location is mandatory to successfully establish the network connection. The printer location is not decided near the warming device such as refrigerator, microwave, gas, & more. Additionally, the location is completely clean & dry. 

To successfully establish the connection, you must select the printer install position to close the fritzbox. If you place the printer far from the router then the connection does not establish. Thus, the printer is positioned around the Fritzbox router to establish a successful connection.  

Install the fritz box to the WiFi router

To connect the printer to the wireless router, you ensure your router will completely install. If the wireless router does not install then you need to install this router. To install the router, you have to place the Fritzbox near the power supply. 

Then, use the power cord & connect it to an available power connector. The remaining part will plug into the power supply. In the end, you smoothly press the power button & verify the LED light status. 

Connect the printer to the Fritzbox router 

Now, your Fritz box router is ready to connect to the printer. You can simply connect the printer to the router. But in this connection, you need a USB cable. One part of the USB cable will plug into the Fritz Box USB port. The remaining part of this cable will plug into the USB printer’s USB port.

Now, the printer is successfully connected to the router. If you remotely print the documents with this printer then securely print them. Because the WiFi network connection is securely established. If you configure the fritzbox router, then you need to log in ip. With the login ip, access the fritz box login page. After that, simply configure the wireless router in a quick manner. 

FRITZbox Gigabit Router Review 

In my point of view, the fritz box wireless gigabit router review is amazing & better than the other router review. It works with a dual-band network then offers high & superior network speed. In this network the 2.4GHz or 5GHz network works. The mesh technology is also available in this router that provides the wireless network in every corner of your home. The gigabit port is truly more useful for wired devices. The USB port is very helpful for the USB-connected device. Thus, this router wireless range is amazing & superior.

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