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How To Care For Your Invisalign Aligners?

Having an Invisalign is a great responsibility. You need to take care of it and make sure that you keep it in tip-top shape so that you can keep on wearing it until the end of your treatment. After all, these aligners are expensive and indispensable to you being able to live your best life. If you are not able to maintain them in good condition, it can result in your treatment being prolonged. It may also negatively affect you in the long run, especially regarding your oral health.

Here are some of the ways how to maintain your Invisalign aligners healthy and clean:

#1: Wear Your Invisalign As Per Your Dentist’s Instructions 

The average length of time a person is supposed to wear Invisalign daily is approximately 20 to 22 hours. This ensures that the aligners will work and help your teeth move toward the position your orthodontist intends them to be in. Any less and the Invisalign will not work as well as expected, and you might find yourself repeating phases in your treatment.

You don’t have to feel self-conscious when wearing your aligners. They are meant to be invisible and designed so that you can show your pearly white smile confidently. However, you also need to make sure that you do not wear your Invisalign when you are eating or drinking fluids other than water. Doing so can potentially damage it irreparably. Follow your dentist’s instructions when it comes to wearing your aligners, and you will come to see amazing results in no time at all.

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#2: Don’t Forget to Clean Your Aligners 

The human mouth is prone to massive intakes of bacteria, especially when eating, yawning, or even talking. For this reason, brushing one’s teeth at least twice a day is highly recommended to ensure it is strong and healthy. It can also help prevent the development of infections such as mouth sores and sore throat.

Your Invisalign works the same way too. Although it is only a temporary addition to your mouth, you need to ensure that your aligners are always clean so that your mouth will be healthy and that you can maintain your Invisalign in good condition. If you are unsure how you will be able to clean your aligners, your orthodontist can help you in this department. 

However, one of the more common ways to clean your Invisalign is by soaking it in lukewarm water to soften all the dirt that has built up, especially on its inner part. Carefully remove all the gunk with a soft-bristled toothbrush and rinse it with clean lukewarm water. If you aren’t satisfied with its cleanliness, it is best if you use a denture or aligner cleaning solution is best. Better yet, use the Invisalign Cleaning System, which is proven to be an effective aligner cleaner. No matter what you do, never use toothpaste, mouthwash, or even hot water!

#3: Make Sure To Brush Your Teeth Before You Attach Your Invisalign

Because wearing your aligners while eating or drinking is not recommended, it can be tempting just to stick them back after you’re done with your business. This is a big no-no! It can result in plaque buildup on your teeth and mouth infections in the long run.

As for your Invisalign, it may get damaged or discolored. This will not only pose an aesthetic problem for you but also financial and oral. Rather than wait for this to happen, taking care of your teeth can assure you that, by extension, you can also take care of your aligners. 

#4: Get A Storage Case For Your Invisalign

Because it is meant to be invisible, it is so easy to lose your aligners. In fact, this is the most common problem that Invisalign wearers have. A common horror story is that after taking off one’s aligners in preparation for eating (especially in public), it is so common to wrap them in tissue for the sake of decency. Without warning, this tissue can be thrown out, and the wearer will only remember that they haven’t worn their Invisalign once it is too late.

Replacing an Invisalign is very expensive and can affect the length and effectiveness of your treatment. To avoid this from happening, it is best to have a small case where you can keep your Invisalign when you are not wearing them. The brighter the color, the better! It will help you keep track of where your aligners are and reduce the likelihood of you losing them. Don’t forget to write your name and contact details on the container as well, especially if you do end up forgetting them somewhere public.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining your Invisalign can be quite a responsibility, but it is necessary for your treatment to succeed. If you manage to follow all of these steps, you can be assured that achieving that great smile has never been easier!

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