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How Long Will PCR Testing for Travel in Ottawa Continue?

PCR Testing for Travel in Ottawa

COVID-19 PCR testing will phase out in Ottawa over the next few months. Health officials have indicated that they review the policy, which prohibits travellers from entering the country with an infected person. Currently, those fully vaccinated must show proof of a COVID Testing, which must be negative within 72 hours. Alternatively, travellers can get a PCR test in Canada and present it upon arrival in the United States. This is a good idea, but the government has not confirmed whether the conversations continue.

The PCR testing requirement is a major concern for many travellers. Many have expressed concerns about the health risks posed by the virus. Luckily, the new tests can take at home without needing a physician’s visit. However, the process can be quite costly, so the Canadian government looks into alternatives. In the meantime, Ottawa is ramp up the use of rapid antigen test, which can use by people who cannot get a PCR test.

While some critics question the practicality of pre-departure PCR testing, medical experts argue that it is unnecessary and a waste of money. Moreover, the federal government is only focusing on Canadian travellers. The CDC recommend traveller who are not fully vaccinate undergo this PCR test, and a negative test is sufficient for entry. Some people who are not vaccinate may not travel to Canada, so these test are not advisable.

PCR testing for travel in Ottawa

PCR Test Requirement

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is oppose to the PCR test requirement and is write to the government to lift the mandate. But according to multiple source, the PCR test is likely to withdraw for short-term trip on Nov. 30. This means that travellers will be asked to show a negative rapid antigen test when re-entering. This is an extremely inconvenient requirement that can hinder travellers from travelling.

PCR Testing for Travel in Ottawa will continue to be required in all travel cases, even if you are not fully vaccinated. This is an important step towards protecting travellers from the disease. A positive test will help them get the most out of the experience. The new criteria will be in effect on Dec. 31. It will not apply to international flights. You will still need to have a positive RAT to enter the city.

Currently, unvaccinated travellers will be required to get a PCR test when they arrive. If they are not fully vaccinated, they will have to take the PCR test before entering. It will also be necessary to take an antigen test to enter the country, although this is separate. The process could last for several weeks. The government has not yet decided on a specific date, but the tests will start soon as the legislation is in place.

PCR testing for travel in Ottawa

Mandatory Requirement For Air Travelers

Currently, the Government is increasing the number of PCR tests in all provinces. But it is unclear exactly how many tests will remain mandatory. The number of PCR tests has increased by 10 compared to the previous year. The test is a mandatory requirement for air travellers arriving from outside Canada. This means that the cost of the test will rise significantly. Further, this policy will still require travellers to show proof of a negative PCR.

There are no plans to eliminate the PCR test for travel in Ottawa. The government is increasing the availability of these tests in all provinces. The PCR test is not required when travellers are fully vaccinated. But if the test is negative, the individual will still be required to show a positive rapid antigen test upon arrival. A negative test is the only way to enter the country.

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