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Here is How You can Truly Turn Your Phone into a Digital Assistant

Well, it’s time.

It’s time to make your phone discover what it can do for you in a more personalised sense.

A personal assistant is the one you might always look for in a busy life like this. You can ensure you have your tasks finished, your goals reached, your deadlines met, and your life flow in a planned way.

Nowadays, most of our phones are given that task, and they are doing it pretty well.

But, they can be better and work as a personal assistant with a bit of effort from our sides.

If you manage your phone well, then you are keeping it healthy.

But, that doesn’t mean you are making it into a tool that will make your life easier by assistance…advanced assistance, that is.

So, if you really want to know how you can turn your phone into your digital secretary, then stick with this blog and finish reading it.

Make Your Phone Your New Personal Assistant

Searching for new and attractive deals, probably a short term loan in Ireland; an insurance plan, a gym and a coffee shop nearby can be as easy as an ABC with the help of a phone that acts like a personal assistant.

Or checking your e-mails and prioritising the right ones and ignoring them you don’t prefer may also be a simple thing when your phone is optimised to your assistant.

Doing so sounds like a bit of work. But, it can make us get loads of new possibilities in the tech sphere.

Were you getting impatient? Well, let’s turn your phone into your personal assistant with the following steps.

Use Google Now for Helping You with the Content You Want

Google Now is an application that takes care of your content requirement, and it is one of the most valuable applications that will track and manage your search history and provide you with the content you need.

The search data is obviously stored in your search engine. But, it might be a hassle searching for them.

It is going to be a great trouble if your boss asks for a piece of information in the middle of a meeting where you have got probably got less than a minute to find it out, and you are lost in search queries made by you for the past two weeks.

Google Now is going to help you fetch the data you need in an instant.

That certainly makes your phone an instant data tracking device, doesn’t it?

Give Your Phone the Duty of Receiving Payments with Square

Probably, you are running an e-commerce store.

And that is fine.

But you cannot literally check for payments made or help a customer all the time with that, now can you?

In that case, you can just make sure that your phone receives the payment once the customer’s card number is utilised.

You can do that easily with a Square device. It plugs into your phone’s audio jack, and your customer can enter the card number in it, which makes your phone receive the payment.

Blog Posting and Website Maintenance Made Easy with WordPress

The good news about WordPress is that it is a free tool to help you manage your website.

Blog Posting and Website Maintenance Made Easy with WordPress

Why can it be like a personal assistant? Well, you don’t need any knowledge of coding in order to be a WordPress user.

You can make your own website using WordPress. You can also manage to post your blogs.

Besides, it is going to help you with random feedback that you might enjoy while using it.

Just create good blog posts. Make them more creative with images and videos. Choose different WordPress themes to make them look more attractive.

And you have got your personal blog post manager…

…in your phone.

Make Your Phone Your Desktop with Mighty Meeting Application

Sometimes, you need things desperately at hand, and you know that they aren’t there.

Well, using the MightyMeeting Application can help you with that effectively.

This application allows you to upload your files effectively in the Cloud. Once that is done, you can access your desktop files from anywhere. Even if you have forgotten to bring the laptop to your board meeting, you can still access the presentation file from the Cloud and display it using your phone.

That is called smart.

Access Your Desktop with Remote Assistance Apps Like LogMeIn

Your remote assistance application can literally save the day.

With DropBox by your side, you can now access all those files you have uploaded in the Cloud from your desktop.

But that sounds too familiar, right?

Enter LogMeIn! This application is a remote assistance software like AnyDesk in the desktop platform. You can use LogMeIn to access your desktop anytime and from anywhere to access files on your desktop.

To Conclude

Whether or not searching for a online loans Ireland or for getting a good backup for your entertainment purposes, a phone can be the greatest assistant if you want to use it that way.

Do that this time with these applications.

And your phone will be ‘livelier’.

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