How To Help Kids In Using Digital Tools To Explore Their Imagination?

We will discuss how to use digital tools mindfully and learn the device’s contribution to kids’ learning. This post is going to be helpful for everyone and especially for those parents who want their kids to use digital devices for enriching creativity. Encourage your kids to participate in public speaking contests or they can practice presenting a good speech for that you can help them to search write my speech online where you will get the best speechwriters at a very economical price.

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

  • Edward de Bono

With this, we can interpret that digital materials are another way to break the established pattern of looking at things creatively in different ways. Well, this is the topic of our discussion. 

Let’s get started! 

Tips To Boost Kids Creativity Using Digital Tools

Kids have limited themselves by using electronic digital devices to play video games and post pictures on social media. It is because they or their parents are unaware of the benefits technology aims to provide.  

There is an ocean of tools to enhance their creativity. It generates new ideas, helps them think rationally, and improves problem-solving skills. Along with that, it even helps kids in personal development.

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Audio And Visual Tools

Kids even since they are born are more fascinated by visuals. Whether it is a smartphone or laptop, they enjoy watching videos on them. 

But have you ever thought why? 

Audio or visual content is easy to adapt and understand. And, kids learn faster by listening and watching. For example, when a poem is recited in the class, kids memorize it easily. Further, whatever they watch on videos (youtube or anywhere else)they tend to identify and learn its shape, size, colors, etc. 

Hence, you can visit the websites:

  • Toy Theatre: offers numerous virtual tools with which kids can build, create and animate. 

  • National Gallery of Art: here, you can get various lessons, online courses, and videos useful for kids’ education purposes.

Digital Storytelling & Comic Art

Who doesn’t like stories! It can be from different genres but one thing that remains the same is it connects. And, this is what helps us to remember it forever. 

Digital stories are no different than stories you read and listen to from your grandparents. But, it has several tools for telling and expressing digitally. 

  1. Side story: combines pictures with voice narration.

  2. Storybird: this tool uses illustrators to develop artworks and animators. With this, writers can turn the image into stories in a few minutes.

  3. PicLits: Offers fascinating images and a word bank to assist writers with impressive captions, short paragraphs, and poems.

  4. Bubblr: kids can create comic strips using photos. 

  5. MapSkip: with this, you can compose stories about places you want to include the ones you live at.

  6. Comic Master: it is an amazon tool to create short graphic novels. 

Brainstorming And Mind Mapping Digital Tools

Brainstorming and mind mapping games or activities are highly necessary for kids. It keeps them active, energetic and boosts their creative skills. Besides that, their skills of problem-solving, decision making, and acting instantly are also enriching.

Therefore, you can use these online tools: 

  1. Coggle: it helps kids create mind maps individually and with a team. Kids can create maps and brainstorm ideas on mapping branches on a topic. 

  2. Git Mind: it offers a variety of colors and templates. Kids can attach and insert images, TXT, PDF, etc.

  3. Canva: Provides several templates and editing options for creating a mind map.

  4. Padlet: Allow kids to post their ideas and discuss. 

History And Culture

Books may bore kids with lengthy texts and limited pictures printed inside them. But, digital books or e-books provide unlimited storage for books and pictures.

Using e-books, you can interestingly teach students history. You can use different pictures, tell them stories, and relate them to the texts written in books. 

Along with that, e-books and pictures can help kids understand different cultures, their staple food, costumes, festivals, rituals, etc. 

Further, you can visit the websites:

  • Ducksters teaches kids about art and introduces them to artists all over the world.

  • Smithsonian that plays history in jazz. 

  • San Francisco Museum of Modern allows kids to discuss questions and provide guides as well.

Creative Thinking Blogs

Similar to diaries, kids can post their thoughts, creative ideas, opinions, and other writing skills on blogs. 

One of the significant benefits is that, unlike diaries, their creativity will not be hidden somewhere below the bed or inside the wardrobe. 

It will be open to everyone to read for everyone. This boosts kids’ confidence to communicate with people and encourages them to connect with people like them. 

With comments and suggestions, they will learn and enhance their creative skills, build ideas, analyze in various dimensions and lastly be able to help other kids as well. 

Dance and Music

Dance for the body and music for the mind, both are essential for a happy soul. Kids just love to dance, but they don’t get time to join a class and learn it from there. But, technology has a solution for it too. You can find various online dance tutorials or join your kid’s online dance centers. 

In addition, you can provide your kids with online music classes. You can also download software or apps with which they can compose and create new music. 

  1. Debbie Allen has an Instagram channel to provide live dance classes.

  2. The Ballet: another online channel for kids to learn ballet (for all-age students).

  3. Kids Guitar Zone: provider guitar lessons for beginners. 

  4. Creating: it allows kids to create and listen to their music. 

  5. Philharmonic: your kids can learn to make instruments.

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Wrapping up:

Nowadays digital tools and technology have become an important part of one’s life. These devices are portable and stay attached to our kids in one or another manner. Therefore, taking care of kids and teaching them how to use digital materials mindfully is important. Thus, we hope that this post has helped you understand the ways digital devices can prove useful. If you have any suggestions or comments to share, you’re always welcome!

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