Get the Perfect Moisturiser for Your Skin Type

The key to youthful skin is hydration. It ensures that your skin has all the moisture it needs for plumpness, smoothness, supporting barrier function, improving texture and overall appearance.

The struggle is to find the perfect moisturiser for your skin. Looking for a product, that suits your unique needs, among so many different kinds of moisturisers and facial whitening creams with multiple ingredients on offer is difficult.

To make your life a little easier, here’s a guide for picking the right moisturiser based on your skin type and concern:

Oily Skin:

Oily skin can be demanding, and it may look like you don’t need a moisturiser as the skin is producing enough oils but its the exact opposite. Moisturisers help in controlling the sebum production and hydrates your skin. It keeps your complexion clear without drying out or clogging pores in the process. 

Ingredients to look for:

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is the holy grail for oily skin. It offers hydration to skin without making it oily and blocking the pores. Since most individuals with oily skin struggle with acne and breakouts, aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory properties helps in cooling down the skin. It also works as an astringent which reduces the size of the pores and the possibility of breakouts.

Grapes – Grapes becomes the source for vitamin-c, protecting the skin from pollution and harmful rays of the sun. It has great anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which calms the skin. It is helpful in flushing out dirt from the pores, making the skin clear and smooth.

Product Recommendation: Lotus Herbals ALPHAMOIST Skin Renewal Oil Free Moisturiser

This offering by Lotus Herbals has almond extracts, aloe vera and grapes as its prime ingredients that are perfect for oily skin. It helps balance oiliness while soothing redness caused by acne or inflammation. This product will have you feeling refreshed in no time at all – just put some onto freshly washed hands and smooth across both sides of your face until fully absorbed.

Dry Skin:

Dry, tight skin can be caused by weather conditions, medications, or simply drinking less water or eating junk food. When faced with dry patches, the best thing is to hydrate the skin with the help of a good moisturiser and exfoliate regularly. 

Ingredients to look for:

Probiotics: While this is an ingredient that is rarely found in products, it is immensely helpful in offering intense hydration and healing the skin from within. Probiotics such as Lactococcus Fermet Lysate stimulates the skin’s natural defence system by maximising the benefits of the good bacteria present in the skin. It becomes a protective barrier against the elements and restores the skin’s nourishment.

Japanese Sakura – Dry and flaky skin leads do dullnes. It reduces the effectiveness of the skin’s natural barriers against tanning and dirt, thereby causing the complexion to darken. Japanese Sakura is a magical ingredient that brightens the skin and improves its texture. It cools down sensitive skin and reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots caused by exposure to elements. Dry skin also causes wrinkles and fine lines to show up early. This ingredient is also great in reducing signs of ageing.

Product Recommendation – Probrite Illuminating Radiance Moisturiser

The Probrite range by Lotus Herbals is a one-of-a-kind collection of products in India with probiotics as its hero ingredient. Paired with Japanese Sakura, this product is essentially helpful in repairing your skin and offering you a youthful appearance.

Normal skin:

Well-balanced skin is ideal. It’s a term that refers to your face having an even distribution of oil, and moisture across its surface. But a moisturiser is still essential to maintain this balance and protect your skin from UV rays, pollution and dirt while maintaining its pH levels. 

Ingredients to look for:

Kakadu Plum: Kakadu plum is a special fruit that has 100 times more vitamin-C than a regular orange. This powerhouse of vitamin-C will bring out your natural radiance and protect your skin from harmful sun rays. It is helpful in reducing darks pots and pigmentation, making your skin even-toned and blemish-free.

Yuzu Lemon – Yuzu lemon, loaded with vitamin-c, is perfect for those looking to reverse signs of ageing. It improves the skin’s elasticity and the lemon peel brightens and tightens the skin.

Product Recommendation  – Lotus WhiteGlow Vitamin-C Radiance Creme SPF 20 I PA+++

This vitamin c face cream is perfect for those looking for a barrier for their skin. It offers intense hydration without making the skin too oily. Its prime ingredients  – Yuzu lemon and Kakadu Plum are best for normal skin types.

Choose any of the above moisturisers to hydrate and repair your skin, making it radiant, healthy and glowing.

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