Get Detailed Difference Between Software Developer Vs Web Developer

Get Detailed Difference Between Software Developer Vs Web Developer

Software development is the process that comprises the creation of different software that need to run the computer or any other machine. Whereas web development is the process of making the websites that run on the internet. But it seems that many people consider web development to be part of software development. But actually it is not! Therefore in today’s article, we are here to tell you the difference between the two Software Developer Vs Web Developer


We will make clear what a software engineer does and what a web developer does. Therefore keep reading this article and get the detailed information related to the two jobs. Let us start by discussing them in detail.


What is software development?


In layman’s language software is the instruction that is given to the machine to perform the desired task. Therefore software development is the process of creating the software.It makes the machine run and performs the desired work. 


But wait! Where do we create softwares?


We need an editor to create software. The editor provides us with the environment or say the place to write our code and execute them. For this, we have multiple IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment) in the market. Some are Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code Editor, Adobe’s Dreamweaver, Eclipse etc.


What things do we need to create software?


  1. Relevant skills (programming language): First of all we need to learn a programming language to write the code for any particular program/ problem. For this, you can learn evergreen languages such as C++, Java etc.


  1. An editor: As discussed above, we need a place to write our code.


  1. Logics and concepts: In simple words, we need to learn the data structures and algorithms to make the logic for any particular problem. Through the best practices of DSA, we can make fast and less space-consuming applications.


  1. Computer and network basics: When we have to deploy our software then we need to learn how the internet works. Without this, we won’t be able to deploy our applications and no one would be able to use them around the world.


  1. Tools: You would need to learn the containers that would help you to run your application in any of the environments. You may learn Docker, Kubernetes, Git etc.


  1. Cloud services: Like AWS, GCP etc are needed to store our application data, run them etc on the internet.


What is web development?


Web development is the process of building websites that host on the internet. Generally, it considers as the technical field that involves coding and structuring the website and then running it on the internet. But many people think that web designing is also part of web development, whereas it is not. Web designing helps to design the website, like how it will look. Whereas, web development is the actual making and then running of the websites.


Where can we make the websites?


Similar to software development we need an editor where we can write the code for our website. We can again use similar IDE’s like Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text editor, etc


What do we need to make the websites?


  1. Relevant skills: This time we would need to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These three are the necessary languages to learn for structuring, beautifying and making a website functional. After this for the backend, you have multiple options like MEAN stack, MERN stack, Python frameworks etc.


  1. An editor: As discussed above, we need a place to write our code.


  1. Practice and knowledge of modules: Since we are making a whole big project therefore we need to minimize our efforts and use some helpful modules. Therefore you must know some of them and have a hand on them.


  1. Computer and network basics: Similarly in web development also we need to learn the concepts and have the knowledge of how the internet works. It is most essential otherwise in this technical world anyone can hack your application and make you shut down your project.


  1. Tools:  Here in web development you also need to learn the tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Git etc to run your websites.


  1. Cloud services: Again you need to learn how to store your and your user’s data online and use it.


Now let’s get into the details of Software Developer Vs Web Developer.


What are the actual differences between the two (Software Developer Vs Web Developer)?


  1. What they do: Software developers design and make any type of software for the computer and other machines. Whereas web developers are limited to websites only.


  1. Programming language: Software developers must know either C++ or Java at least. Whereas Web developers must know HTML, CSS and JavaScript basics at least.


  1. Platforms: For software developers, it is necessary to make an application that can run on different operating systems. Whereas for web developers it is necessary to make a website that can run on different web browsers.


  1. Hosting: Software can be hosted whereas it is not necessary to make the host. But in websites, it is necessary to make the host of the website on the internet.


  1. Data structures: A software developer must know and be skilled in the data structures and be able to make effective algorithms. Whereas web developers do not need to learn the data structures in the deep. Basic knowledge is needed if working with the backend.


  1. Program design: A software developer needs to write the codes. Whereas the web developer has to work with the code as well as a graphic also to make the website look pretty.


Let’s wrap it up!


In today’s article, we learnt what is the difference between Software Developer Vs Web Developer. For this, we understood both of them in detail. We learn what things need for each of them. After that, we have discussed the differences between the two (Software Developer Vs Web Developer) jobs. 


In the end, we hope you fund our article worth. In case you did then please let us know by leaving a positive comment. Or in case you have any queries then comment down below or read the existing articles on our website for better information. We hope you have a great and safe day ahead.

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