What Is Garmin Express?

Garmin Express

Garmin Express is an application developed by Garmin company to manage their Garmin devices. Garmin is well-known for developing the best GPS devices all over the world. This application is used to update the software on the devices, on the map, and for device registration. However, Garmin Express is not compatible with all systems but works only on Windows and MacOS. With Garmin Express not working at times, it may become difficult to manage and maintain Garmin devices.

Why Is Garmin Express Not Working?

Garmin is known for releasing updates for its products once every three months. These updates are necessary as it equips the Garmin device to work efficiently loaded with the latest features. Sometimes while trying to update their devices, users have complained about Garmin Express not working. The possible causes behind it are:

  • The system is unable to recognize the connection.
  • The application is unable to connect with the device. 
  • The Garmin device is displayed on Windows but the system screen states that there is no connection. 

What To Do When Garmin Express Is Not Finding Device?

The following troubleshooting methods can be applied when Garmin Express is not working or is not finding a device. 

1. Update 

The first thing that you need to check is whether the version of the Garmin Express application or the Garmin GPS device is the latest one. An older version will hinder Garmin Express from working smoothly. It will also fail in establishing a connection with the system. 

2. Secure

The next thing that a user can do is to check that the Garmin system file is not corrupt on your system. A corrupt software or an incorrectly installed application will cause Garmin Express to not work properly. 

3. Check The Usb Connection

The user needs to check the USB cable which is being used to connect the Garmin device to the system. It is recommended to use the original USB cable which comes with the Garmin device at the time of purchase. Using any other cable will decrease usefulness and won’t let Garmin Express find the device and connect with it. Also, check that the USB cable is not broken or loose. The USB port which is being used to connect should also be working properly. 

4. Battery

The battery of the Garmin device which you are using to connect should be fully charged. If it is running on a low battery, then it will cause problems in the process of connecting with Garmin Express. 

5. Register The Garmin Device

Users should ensure that the Garmin device should be first registered on the Garmin Express software. If it is not registered yet, then they can visit the official site of Garmin and get their device registered.

6. Restart And/or Reinstall

If worst comes to worst, then the user can either restart the system and/or reinstall the Garmin Express application. In most cases, this step resolves the error. 


Garmin Express is compatible with only Windows and MacOS so be sure to check the operating system. Update Garmin Express software at regular intervals to avoid such issues from happening. You can also consult Customer Care at Garmin to resolve any errors with your Garmin Express software or Garmin devices. 

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