Fishing instruction for apprentices

We all know how difficult it is at times to get involved in this or that process, when everything you do is too new to quickly get used to. In addition to this, questions arise: “how to do this?”, “Where should I start?” Novice fishermen also face these problems.

Of course, you first need to buy fishing equipment such as preston fishing gear, fishing lures, reels and others.. Fishing with a stick is probably possible, but difficult. However, there are a number of helpful behavioral tips as well.

Fishing for the first time can be difficult, and if you do not do everything properly, you can return home empty-handed and in a bad mood. To avoid any mistakes, you need to clearly understand what you are dealing with, and then fishing will seem like a great pastime and will bring a lot of positive thoughts.

Nowhere without a fishing rod

And so, if this is your first time going on a hunt for fish, it is desirable that the tackle be simpler, for example, a simple float rod (so that in case of a breakdown it would not be so pity). Since you do not yet have the skill of owning the tackle, the probability of an expensive rod breaking is very high, and therefore you can practice on cheaper analogs.

Catch and hook

While fishing, you will need a box with spare, fishing accessories (fishing line, hooks, sinkers, floats, silicone tubes for attaching the fishing line to the float), a folding chair or something on which it will be convenient for you to sit for more than one hour.

“Jabs” (factory stands for rods) are also very necessary, if you put a fishing rod on the water, then first of all, it will quickly become unusable, and secondly, when hooking, you will lose precious time while lifting the working tool from the water. The net should always be taken with you, otherwise you simply will not pull out a decent-sized fish that the hook can grab.

Dig up worms

You need to catch one of the most “lucky” baits for most of the most common fish in our country – an earthworm. Lake dwellers bite well on corn, pearl barley and semolina. But river fish is more often predatory, which means that you need to feed it with meat. Here bloodworms, beetles, dead fish and spoons will come in handy.

To feed or not to feed: preparing a fish treat

So that fishing is not in vain, you first need to feed the fish. The standard bait base is crackers, various cereals, cakes, that is, components of vegetable origin. A solution of flavoring agents (hemp, milk powder, peanuts, thyme or dill) is poured into the dry food and mixed thoroughly.

Only after that, water from the reservoir is added to the mixture in small portions. After the next portion, everything is thoroughly mixed. Water is added until the mixture starts to form into balls. After that, the feed is allowed to brew for 20 – 30 minutes, then you need to check the residual moisture.

Often, after absorbing water, the bait becomes dryish. In this case it is necessary to add a very small amount of water and mix everything thoroughly. If a novice angler has no desire to prepare complementary foods himself, you can buy them in a specialized store.

Choosing an outfit

In the hot season, you cannot do without a headdress. If you are spending the night, you need to bring warm clothes and mosquito spray, a multifunctional knife and rubber boots. You can bring your tent and sleeping bag to rest in comfort.

Fishing clothing should be lightweight, warm, waterproof, and at the same time. It should allow moisture released from the skin to evaporate. And it is important that it “breathes”, is comfortable and functional. Similar requirements apply to footwear. Numerous fishing clothing stores offer a wide selection of jackets, trousers, overalls, semi-overalls, hats and other hats, shoes.

Because without water …

It is better to take a variety of canned food from food: stew, porridge with meat, sprats, etc. Be sure to take fresh drinking water.

Of course, not far from a reservoir in the forest, you can find a spring with clean water. But this may not happen. In addition, since you have already got out on a long-awaited fishing trip, you should not be distracted by looking for anything other than the fish itself.

Experienced advice

“A beginner should buy a rod no more than four meters.” Denis Cherzhlanov, a fisherman with many years of experience:

-If you are starting to learn all the delights of fishing, buy a rod with guides and a reel. Now the offer on the fishing rod market is large, so you shouldn’t get hung up on certain brand


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