Femme It Forward Tour 2022 to North America

Just because it’s female-led doesn’t mean it’s not serious business! The Femme It Forward Tour made its way across America this summer. It featured some of the biggest names in all genres of music, from pop to country to indie rock, as well as inspirational speakers, influencers, and more. There were also special performances by several up-and-coming female artists who are already making waves in the industry. The tour was one of the most successful independent tours of the year!


About Femme It Forward


Established in 2011 by Brenda Myers-Powell, acclaimed activist and survivor of sex trafficking and domestic violence. The Femme It Forward movement embodies a call to action for all women to take ownership of their lives. On her show Power Talk, she helps empower females with tools to reach their life goals from a trauma-informed perspective. Brenda’s mission is to promote visibility in media for females and give them a platform through her radio show Power Talk on WNUR 88.1 FM every Saturday at 1pm CST as well as other shows such as Under the Gun on Tickets4festivals which will air soon.


The Femme It Forward Tour


The launch date for The Femme It Forward Tour is set for Feb 2022. The tour will begin in New York City and travel across North America with 26 stops in all major markets. Onstage at each stop of the tour, Ms. Stanfield will invite a panel of accomplished women from various genres and industries to share their stories and insights on stage with her while she performs. We’ve invited some amazing women to be our special guests and speakers, said Ms.

Femme It Forward Tour 2022

Our Goal for 2022


A Femme It Forward 2022 tour. This tour, the first of its kind, aims to encourage women in music to think bigger and better by introducing audiences to a wide range of female talent. Including visual artists, recording artists and others. visionaries, while promoting creativity, diversity and inclusion through live broadcasts. performance. The 2020s are upon us. What will your legacy be? Be bold & inspired. Femme it Forward…For 2022!


Our Platform


Our music platform supports female-led and female-owned talent through all phases of their creative journey. By implementing our holistic approach to supporting women throughout every phase of their careers and creating an environment that fosters creativity as well as collaboration. We provide support in areas where they may have felt left out or not supported in other parts of their careers. Creators are able to showcase their music through a multi-pronged engagement model designed to build stronger relationships with fans so they can continue to sell Femme It Forward Tour Tickets to upcoming tour dates.

Femme It Forward Tour

Our Media Partner


‘Forbes’ to Launch 22-City Femme It Forward Tour: Forbes is partnering with venture capital firm Greycroft on a project that aims to promote female entrepreneurship and startup companies run by women. The two organizations will organize a 22-city tour called Femme It Forward, designed to spotlight successful women entrepreneurs. Who have pitched their startups at Forbes Under 30 Summits over the past six years. At each of these stops they will host panels and events focused on women’s entrepreneurship. Which are open to students as well as industry professionals.


Femme It Forward Conclusion

Empowering women and female talent has always been at our core. Femme It Forward’s mission crystallized years ago when American co-founder Whitney Phillips found herself at a very low point in her life. After losing her job and taking take care of his sick mother. He truly believed in taking every opportunity that came his way and embracing every experience as an important time to learn. And felt completely helpless when it came to making real, lasting changes to improve at both professionally and personally.

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