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Fat Reducing Cosmetic Procedures for Attaining Body of the Year!

Fat Reducing Cosmetic Procedures

You might be hating those extra folds of fat that force you to hide in a cabinet. You were unable to wear your favorite swimsuit this summer season and skipped going to beaches altogether. Now, you feel comfortable being stuffed within layers of sweaters and jackets. In the world where people are dying over the new hairstyles and perfectly contoured nose of Ariana Grande and accessing the search engines to evaluate getting a rhinoplasty, you still lack confidence in this body-positivity world. You are avoiding social gatherings due to extra weight that burdened your shoulders during quarantine.

Reducing stubborn fat pockets is your primary goal this holiday season before entering the new year with the same chaotic feeling. The persistent stomach pouch that still exists after months of cutting off food makes you wear baggy clothes. Areas of fat around the thighs are no longer bulging. The localized fat pockets around the flanks and back have occupied your mind. It is disturbing!

However, the cosmetic world has devised non-surgical fat reduction treatments to protect your well-being. The treatments aim to boost your sleeping confidence and let you fly high like an eagle, taking charge of the winds. We have listed non-surgical procedures to help you refine your decision:

1.  CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting, also known as Cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that utilizes extremely low temperatures to burn fat cells. It is an effective procedure to eliminate those stubborn fat pockets that give you nightmares.

During the procedure, the healthcare practitioner vacuums the targeted area into an applicator that breaks the fat cells and eliminates them through the liver. There is no recovery time. However, it takes at least 4 to 6 months for the fat cells to leave the body.

The session continues for 35 to 60 minutes. The patient will feel extremely cold during the procedure, and the pain is mild.

2.  Laser Treatment

Laser Lipolysis uses laser energy to deliver a contoured body. The procedure involves an applicator that heats the fat cells under controlled circumstances and disrupts them. It does not impact other types of cells under the skin.

Patients who are tired of localized fat in the flanks and abdomen can benefit from this fat reducing treatment. Treatment lasts for 25 minutes per area.

Laser lipolysis is your golden ticket if your abdomen is troubling you when you put on your favorite outfit. Above all, it is painless and involves a warm sensation.

3.  Injection Lipolysis 

Just like high-quality rhinoplasty in Dubai clinics alters your nose through injections, injection lipolysis chemically reduces the fat in the injectable site. The chemical called deoxycholic acid breaks the fat cells. This chemical is naturally produced in the body, helping in digestion. Currently, Kybella (previously known as ATX-101) is an FDA approved form of deoxycholic acid used to achieve the aim. This procedure is effective to vanish the double chin.

The patients have two treatments that are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. It is the duration to cope with the swelling. During swelling, the targeted site will look fuller than before the procedure. But you got nothing to worry about as it is common and will subside before the second treatment.

Also, there is no downtime, but the patient will experience temporary mild swelling, redness, numbness, pain and scarring at the treated site. Within eight weeks, the results will be visible.

4.  Radiofrequency Lipolysis

Radiofrequency lipolysis, also known as Vanquish, is a non-invasive treatment. It uses radiofrequency to heat the fat cells without an instrument making contact with the skin. The applicator heats the targeted area from a distance of one centimeter. As a result, you get rid of the love handles and unwanted fat on the stomach. You can also use it to contour your upper arms and back. The treatment takes almost 30 minutes.

5.  Ultrasound Therapy

In this procedure, the device uses mild sound waves to break the fat cells and let them dissolve over time. The ultrasound energy transmits through the skins, making rapid pressure changes that burn the fat cells. It causes no damage to the surrounding tissues and cells in the targeted area.

Furthermore, there is no downtown, and results will appear within 6 to 12 weeks.

The Takeaway

After defining your need, select the right treatment. Look for the best place to get the treatment. However, it is best to receive guidance from your consultant before booking an appointment for the first session, whether you are exploring fat freezing Dubai services or vanquish therapy from a nearby cosmetic clinic.

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