Everything you need to know about hobby flying in India

Flying in India –  Anyone wants to hop on a plane and touch the sky. Not only as a part of their profession but also because of the thrill of adventure.  

Hobby flying in India is a leisure activity that gives a taste of adventure in the sky. Many retired professionals and young adults are gearing towards hobby flying in the list of things they like to do in their free time. 

Many young adults find hobby flying to be meditative and calming as they steer the plane in the sky. 

Other than people who find flying a leisure activity, anyone interested in knowing about aircraft and its mechanism also takes up hobby flying. 

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What is hobby flying? 

 Flying in India is simply flying for recreation or leisure. Hobby flyers, however, cannot join an airline or pilot to an international destination on their private jets or planes.  

Flying is a part of light aircraft or aero sports flying.  

In the initial stage, hobby fliers do need the help of an instructor to guide them. After training, they can be a solo pilot. 

How to become eligible for hobby flying in India? 

Hobby flying in India is generally a part of piloting non-commercial aircraft, and of being eligible for it, they require a Private Pilot License in India. 

However, obtaining a private pilot license does not mean that hobby flyers can join an airline to earn or transport people in flights from one place to another. It can only be allowed for fun flying.


Hobby flyers in India who have the night and instrument ratings and Private Pilot License can pilot their planes even during the night.

Let us look at the different eligibility criteria to obtain a Private Pilot License to start your hobby flying adventure in India : 

 Completion of 12th grade with PCM combination 

To be eligible for a private pilot license for hobby flying in India, aspirants should have cleared their grade 12 examinations with at least 50 per cent marks in physics, chemistry, and maths combinations. 

Aspirants should also be above eighteen years of age and proficient in speaking, reading, and writing in the English language. 

Clear the medical examination 

Interesting hobby flyers with educational qualifications need to clear the class 2 medical examination to obtain a private pilot license. 

Even for hobby flying in India, flyers’ physical health conditions need to be tested to see if they are eligible to steer an aircraft. This is necessary because the flyer can put their own life as well as the lives of others in danger.  

Flyers need to have a laser eye correction done if they have glasses and control their diabetes and cholesterol levels before taking the medical examination. 

Get a pilot’s computer number 

To obtain a pilot computer number, flyers need to register with the DGCA by visiting and apply for the computer number. 

The candidates need to upload their self-attested copies of the tenth and twelfth-grade examinations and identity along with the original copies.

After the DGCA officials verify these documents, the flyers need to apply for a flying school. 

Applying for a reputed flying school 

As prescribed by the DGCA, hobby flyers need to obtain a student pilot license when they enrol at a reputed flying school.

Other than flying schools, many cities have private and exclusive flying clubs to train hobby flyers.

While choosing a flying club or a school, the candidates must look at the fees and the history of regular flying of the club. They also need to ensure that club has cleared all government mandates and has adequate equipment facilities with more aircraft. 

Complete the number of flying hours 

The more time the aspirational candidates for hobby flying spend at the flying club. The more proficient they are to clear the examinations. 

The DGCA mandates all hobby flyers to have at least forty hours of flying time. Under their belt from a reputed flying club or school. 

The flying training at clubs or schools must include hours completed in solo flying. Time spent on cross country flights. 

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The flying training must be completed per the regulations in the DGCA syllabus.

The potential candidate also needs to showcase their flying skills in front of a pilot or a co-pilot successfully.  Satisfactorily completing all procedures according to the prescribed syllabus before an examiner.  


After completing the flying training as DGCA, candidates must apply for a private pilot license. Clear examinations on the following subjects: air regulations, air navigation, aviation meteorology, etc. 

These written examinations are conducted by the DGCA and need to be cleared. To be eligible as a hobby flyer in India. 

The total cost of becoming a hobby flyer in India starts at around 15 lakh rupees.  Exceed up to a crore if one is applying hobby flying outside the country.  

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