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About Office Ally

In the year 2000, Office Ally launched as a healthcare claims clearinghouse for professionals and institutions. The company’s intention was straightforward: offer free clearinghouse solutions to healthcare professionals. The program was first used by California’s Independent Physicians Associations (IPAs) and rapidly grew in popularity. Office ally is currently present in each and every state in the United States. In 2006, the software started offering more tech tools to help the healthcare business become more powerful. It all began with the creation of the Office Ally Online Entry service, which allowed suppliers to input claims online for free and have them immediately submitted to insurance companies and payers. Later that year, Practice Mate Software, a free practice management platform, was introduced by the company.

The company kept expanding and eventually launched EHR 24/7, which competes with the most known and costly EHR solutions in the industry even now. Patient Ally, Personal Health Record Portal, was also introduced, allowing clients to engage with their clinicians and staff digitally via Practice Mate and EHR at any time.

Products Offered by Office Ally Practice Mate

EHR 24/7

Office Ally offers a well-structured Electronic Health Record Program for only $29.95 per month per provider, allowing care professionals to devote more attention to clients and less time on documentation. An EHR system, according to Office Ally, should enable physicians to be more successful and optimize their operations. As a result, Office Ally provides a platform that enables you to rapidly and effectively collect and submit information necessary for value-based incentive programs like Meaningful Use and MACRA/MIPS.

There are a few things that we would like to point out in Office Ally’s EHR system. Firstly, the software is highly customizable which makes it a great option for any doctor. The reason why customization is so important is that it lets the doctors manage their data however they want to. Secondly, there is no setup cost and free training is also offered. Thirdly, the implementation process is very quick. 

Practice Mate Software

Run your practice effectively from everywhere, at any moment, with all of the resources you require effortlessly and in a simplistic manner. Practice Mate is open-source with a lot of useful functions that will help you manage and improve your practice. You have access to Office Ally’s free claims submission facility if you use Practice Mate. Practice Mate allows free distribution to more than 5000 insurance firms!

Some of the benefits of Practice Mate are as follows. Firstly, you get a free online patient Eligibility checking service. This service allows you to save a lot of time as well as effort. Secondly, you also get detailed summary reports. This particular feature is known to improve clinical productivity majorly. One great thing about this particular software is the free customer support. Not many software offers free software like Practice Mate let alone free customer support. To access and use this service, you don’t need to sign any contracts or purchase any software at all. Practice Mate software is a great tool for medical practices.. Overall, we would recommend you schedule a Practice Mate demo to check all of this out for yourself. 


Office Ally is a full-service clearinghouse with a web-based tool that allows clinicians to apply for free to participating Payers. In basic terms, rather than printing the claims, you transfer them to a file. Then you sign in to the Office Ally portal and the document is in our hands with some mouse clicks.

You will obtain an e-mail verification right away, and the program will inform you an hour later that your document has finished processing. It pre-scrubs all claim sections, and you can rectify any denied claims directly on our website.

Practice Ally

Patient Ally is a free client portal from Office Ally that allows clinicians to engage with their clients and provides individuals with a choice of tools to view and handle their individual health information. Patient Ally was designed to work seamlessly with Office Ally’s Practice Mate and EHR offerings. With just a few simple steps, physicians can enroll their clients from their medical charts.

With the help of Practice Ally, users can simply manage their whole scheduling process using one portal. Not only that, practice Ally can help with secure messaging. In fact, the software has helped many medical practices in improving their communication department. Other than these amazing benefits, the software also allows requesting lab tests online which is a great feature. The doctors can look up intake documentation even before the visit. Moreover, from online bill payment to retrieving clients’ medical history, the software assists in almost everything. Last but not the least, the software also providers clinical summaries for each visit to maintain the health records. 

Intake Pro

Your clients can use the Intake Pro program to fill out intake forms and submit papers using a tablet. Form data may then be electronically equipped into Practice Mate and EHR, saving you and your employees a lot of time. Clients can also use Patient Ally to submit their Intake Documents digitally from the comfort of their own homes. When you register for Intake Pro, the program will generate unique electronic documents depending on the paper forms that your clients can fill out online. There is a tiny setup fee, but the program is free as long as the user agreement’s contract terms are followed. This is also an amazing tool and can help in optimizing medical practices majorly. 

Final Words!

Office Ally is an excellent Medical Software with a lot of amazing features. From its practice Mate software to its intake pro, they are all unique in their own way. We would highly recommend you to check this software out. However, before investing in it straight away make sure you schedule a demo. For example, if you want a Practice Mate demo you should request the vendor. Secondly, we would also recommend you to read as many Office Ally reviews as possible. 


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