Custom Lipstick Box- A Delightful Way To Boost Your Brand Growth 

Lipstick is the queen of makeup items and instantly works to change your personality. If someone is hunting to find one item that gives a fresh look to your boxes, you can use lipstick. There are multiple types of lipsticks, and people choose as per their needs. Also, these lipsticks are available in a huge shades collection. And, every lipstick manufacturer needs quality packaging boxes to pack these lipsticks in highly secure boxes for their customers. So, custom lipstick boxes are best to pack your lipsticks, either as a bullet or liquid lipsticks.

Cardboard Cardstock for Your Lipstick Boxes 

Customized lipsticks packaging offers you to pick the best cardstock for products that are durable and attractive. If a brand uses low-grade brown boxes for lipstick packaging, it decreases the value of your products. And, people always want to buy quality products that are packed in quality packaging boxes. So, the selection of thick cardstock for your custom lipstick boxes becomes the need of the hour for your brand. Therefore, you can choose cardboard and Kraft from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 22pt, and 24pt for your lipstick packaging boxes. 

Custom Options of Sizes of Lipstick Packaging 

The size is also the most considerable thing because brands use various kinds of plastic lipstick shapes; some are cylindrical, oval, and wavy. Due to this, the area required for packaging differs according to your sensitive lipstick holder. Also, the quantity of lipstick, either is matte or liquid, is changed. And every brand set their rules for selling products for their customers. So, you need to pick the size of custom lipstick packaging boxes for your products. 

Attractive Design of Customized Lipstick Boxes 

The use of attractive design makes your lipstick packaging boxes adorable and loveliness. On this subject, you need to use creative and engaging lipstick packaging boxes for your clients. In this regard, you have the option to apply abstract design, geometrical shapes, and other things to make your lipstick packaging fetching. Here we explain the best lipstick design patterns for your information. 

Symmetrical Design Pattern- This design is made from geometrical and contemporary shapes with a similar pattern. For example, if you can use small flowers and leaves for the right side design, you also need the same sequence for the left side. You also need to pick all options with similar sizes and shapes. 

Floral Design Pattern- Our next design is to use a floral pattern on your lipstick boxes, and it looks catchy to engross your customers’ attention. This pattern can use with muted hues, warm earthy tones, and light pastels. But this design depends only on flowers to create the catchy esthetics on lipstick boxes

Intricate Lines- The next design uses intricate lines to create a decent and sophisticated design to engage your customer’s attention. These lines are moved in any shape and dimensions to captivate customers’ attention. 

Annexation Of Detailed Printing Information

The printing information portrays the image you want to display in front of your target audience. Also, some elements in your packaging play an imperative role in building your brand recognition in the industry. The most important information that you must place on your packaging is the logo, brand name, and taglines. So, lipstick boxes with logos are one of the fastest solutions to make your brand recognition in the industry. The logo you can choose for your lipstick must be unique and helpful in branding or marketing. Some types of the logo are mentioned for your information that helps you pick the right options. 

  • Text-based logo 
  • Letter based logo
  • Abstract logo 
  • Mascot logo
  • Pictorial logo 
  • The combination mark logo 

But the paramount option of logo for a cosmetic brand is text-based and wordmark logo that is basically the brand name. Sometimes brands use combination mark logos that contain brand names and small symbols. Always choose a unique font style from free and paid online font libraries. 

Choice in Waxy Coating or UV Coatings 

Your product’s packaging must be capable of grasping your customers from the overcrowded market shelves. In this regard, the use of an add-on makes your custom printed lipstick boxes more perfect and eye candy for target audiences. As a lipstick brand, you have the choice to choose glossy UV coating and matte waxy coating. On this subject, if you sell matte lipstick either as bullet or liquid, you can use waxy matte coating for velvety touch. Similarly, you can use UV coating on your shiny and glossy lipsticks to provide an extra shine to your product. 

Use of Personalized Notes and Inserts 

A brand must give value to your customers by printing some personalized notes in your lipstick box packaging. In this regard, you essential to select a unique font style and size that touch your customer’s heart. So, you can print your brand tagline, slogan, and best wishes for your customers to give them value and better unboxing experiences by placing lipsticks in Eva foam and cardboard tray. You can make your personalized cards catchier for lipstick packaging by using the listed information. 

  • For printing text, use foiling stamping in gunmetal, burgundy, bronze, silver, gold, and rose gold shades.
  • Application of blind embossing and debossing for your best wishes text 
  • Selection of stylish font style for your text that you can use for your to print your message that you deliver to your customers.

Available Wholesale To Serve Bulk Customers  

Well, you can buy customized lipstick boxes wholesale at market-leading prices. If your custom boxes increase, they gradually decrease per box piece cost, and you get benefits from healthy discounts. Moreover, you must check and clear all your demands with the company representative before ordering a bulk quantity of lipstick boxes. And, you must check the sample and mockup of your box to finalize the dimension and other design aspects. 

Ending Up Thoughts

The discussion mentioned above explains how your custom lipstick boxes help you increase the growth of your brand. On this subject, you can use attractive design, waxy coating, personalized notes, and quality cardstock for your lipstick cases. Add to this; such boxes are easily available wholesale to serve target audiences. It’s all up to you what you pick to make your boxes lovely. 


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