Choosing the Best Material for your Custom Double Sided Stickers

Everyone is well aware that double sided stickers have complexities that affect your branding and that there may be some doubt about which option is ideal for your company. So, to assist you in making an informed selection, we’ll break down the distinctions and benefits of each sticker.

Available Choices

Commonly used vinyl sticker materials are given below, it is necessary to understand the overall benefits of vinyl. Vinyl can easily be applied to both flat and curved surfaces more readily. It’s also long-lasting and silky to the touch.

 Glossy Vinyl Stickers

This material includes a strong adhesive that will stay on your chosen surface. While Using bubble-free air egress technology that makes application a breeze. This material is also waterproof and weather-resistant. These stickers fairly easy to remove without leaving any sticky residue or glue behind. Our White Glossy Removable Vinyl is our most adaptable and popular material for your double layer sticker. No matter your usage plan you’ll enjoy them It’s available as pages or handouts (kiss-cut stickers).

Matte Textured Vinyl Stickers

A terrific way to give your stickers a nice matte feel is by using Matte vinyl stickers. Matte double sided stickers have a more subtle, natural look, thus the cosmetic difference is the only distinction. This material is identical to our White Glossy Removable vinyl in all other dimensions. The material i waterproof, outdoor durable, and bubble-free. Order White Matte Removable Vinyl as pages or handouts (kiss-cut stickers).

Vinyl Stickers with Permanente Adhesive

Permanent adhesive has the strongest “stick” of any type of glue. As a result, they’re ideal for more industrial uses like property identification and warning or safety labels. This material is also weatherproof and robust in the outdoors. Although permanent vinyl is simple to apply, it does not come bubble-free. The powerful adhesive ensures, that they are not easy to remove, making them ideal for use outside. This content is available in the form of pages or handouts (kiss-cut stickers).

Transparent Vinyl Stickers

A double sided sticker may help you promote your business, make beautiful window signs, or promote an event.

You’ve got a lot of transparent double sided  stickers. Transparent stickers are used for variety of purposes. But  when you don’t want to see colored backdrop in your image they’re used. Here is where the ‘clear’ feature comes in handy, as it allows for transparency. As a result, these stickers are frequently placed on windows. These may be used on the inside or outside of a window and can be front or rear sticky. We also use white ink and UV coating to enhance vinyl abrasion resistance and waterproof durability. Clear Removable Vinyl is available in a variety of formats, including pages, handouts (kiss-cut stickers), and die-cut stickers.

BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) is a plastic-based label material that is perfect for marking objects that require resilience and endurance. White Permanent Glossy BOPP. Glossy BOPP resists practically everything (fading, oil, heat, and abrasion), making it ideal for a variety of applications. This material is available in rolls with a minimum purchase quantity of 250 units. BOPP stickers are often less expensive per sticker on a roll than white vinyl, especially if you purchase bigger numbers. A roll perforated allows one to readily hand out  stickers right off the roll.

BOPP Based Matte Stickers

Matte BOPP is ideal for product labels that carry unique information. It can be used on Because it can be written on with pens, pencils, or markers. You may write multiple tastes, expiration dates, and fragrances on this. They’re also waterproof and long-lasting. If you prefer a natural package finish, they’re a perfect choice. Because it doesn’t have a gloss surface, matte BOPP seems the most “organic”. This material is available in rolls with a minimum purchase quantity of 250 units. BOPP double sided stickers are often less expensive per sticker on a roll than white vinyl. When bought in purchase bigger numbers they become more cheaper.

Transparent BOPP Stickers

BOPP clear offers all of the advantages of BOPP white, but with a transparent backdrop. This material is ideal if you want to see the package through the sticker. Allowing a view through transparent sections.

Stickers with Glittery and 3d Effects

Holographic stickers may be the way to go if you want to be blown away by a spectacular sticker. These stickers are manufactured from an innovative 3mil thick metalized vinyl and combined with a permanent acrylic adhesive. They are digitally printed with white ink and made from an innovative 3mil thick metalized vinyl. They’re designed with a highly reflective metallization layer that creates stunning visuals. When  low-light conditions, such as on a car’s dashboard at night!

Glitter is back in style in pop culture, and we’re loving it! .Glitter double sided labels are the perfect way to bring your rainbow vision to life. If you’re seeking to add some flair to your artwork they’re perfect for you. This metalized vinyl is made from a full-spectrum, holographic flake substance that is very high quality and long-lasting.

Commonly Used Formats

White glossy vinyl, white matte removable vinyl, and clear removable vinyl are the three materials available for sticker pages.

Kiss-Cut Double Sided Stickers

Kiss-Cut stickers resemble small sticker sheets in appearance. The size of the stickers you make in our online designer will decide the size of the page. These are a terrific low-cost choice for event handouts and freebies.

Kiss-cut stickers are available in three different materials: white glossy removable vinyl, white matte removable vinyl, and clear removable vinyl.

Roll Stickers

The minimum order quantity for our roll labels is 250 units. The diameter of each roll core is roughly 3″. Your labels will be die-cut on a backing paper roll. They will have no excess material surrounding the artwork when they arrive. This makes peeling and applying your masterpiece a breeze! Roll labels have a greater initial cost, but in larger quantities, they are usually always the most cost-effective solution. We also offer perforated roll labels, which are perfect for freebies and handouts.

Roll stickers are available in three different materials: white permanent glossy BOPP, white permanent matte BOPP, and clear BOPP.

Die-Cut Double Sided Stickers

Die-cut stickers are similar to kiss-cut two sided stickers but have a higher-end appearance. The die-cut passes through the sticker and the backing, providing a flush, professional finish. This is a terrific option if you want a result that indicates luxury and top-notch quality. Die-cut stickers also feature a semi-gloss finish, making them the ideal middle ground for a slight yet lovely sheen. Whether for business or personal expression, the exact die-cut brings your design to life!

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