Check out Battery review of oppo A31

Check out the Battery review of oppo A31

It’s a 4,230 mAh battery onboard with a standard 10W charging tech. Without any hassle, I would say that the battery is capable of giving at least a day of battery life. Since it isn’t a flagship phone, I doubt that it will be too battery-consuming and thus, a day’s battery life is a piece of cake for Oppo A31. You can get more than a day of battery life from light to moderate intensity.

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The slow charging tech is something I don’t like about A31. I have a Redmi 9A and it has a 10W charging tech. To put things into perspective, Redmi 9A is a Sub-7K INR smartphone whereas Oppo A31 is more than 150 per cent of its price tag. It should take a good 2.30 hours to juice it up to its full capacity. 

Audio, Connectivity, Biometrics

Oppo A31 packs in a single bottom-firing speaker. That’s it. There’s no stereo speaker setup and I am not amused because of the low price tag. Speaking about the speaker available on A31, it is decent, loud, and overall, has a good sound quality. There’s nothing extraordinary about the speaker so that’s the thing. Check out oppo a31 touch screen digitizer price.

There are a tonne of connectivity features enabled on Oppo A31 at your disposal. There’s Bluetooth 5.0 with LE and A2DP along with Wi-Fi 802.11ac with dual-band support as well as FM radio, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a micro USB 2.0 port for charging and data sharing.

I have been using JIo 4G on the Oppo A31. The audio quality on calls is good and so is the network reception. Of course, you will get some call drops on networks like Vi and even Jio has some issues but that’s fairly average. Internet browsing is as good as it gets on a budget phone. VoWiFi is available which is a big relief nowadays.

Apart from the usual PIN and Pattern lock, you get a face to unlock and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner with Oppo A31. The face unlock is surprisingly snappy and so is the fingerprint scanner that unlocks the phone in just a fraction of a second. 

Since the placement of the fingerprint scanner is on the back, it just feels natural holding the phone like we usually do and tap to unlock using the scanner.

Pros & Cons


Decent camera setup

Huge battery capacity


Fast Charging not included

Type-C port missing

An average chipset


Oppo A31 looks great with its matte-looking Fantasy White or Lake Green colour option or the super glossy Mystery Black variant. But it’s not the only factor that users consider when buying a phone. 

The chipset is particularly an imperative factor and the P35 mounted on A31 is an average chipset. There’s nothing extraordinary about it. In my opinion, Oppo A31 could’ve gone for a slightly powerful chipset since its rivals are already getting as close to SD712 SoC from Qualcomm which is way more powerful than Helio P35. Check out oppo reno 5 pro touch screen price.

The battery is huge but somehow Oppo has stuck to using standard charging speed which is something its competitors would laugh about. The phone is decent and will get your day-to-day activities completed but it isn’t a gaming-oriented phone and neither something you could use for an exquisite photography campaign. It’s just average and a budget phone to be honest.

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