Car keys stolen – what happens now?

Theft of a wallet or home key is already very annoying and usually involves a certain amount of effort to replace it. Some safety precautions need to be taken. Specifically, you must have the hotline number of professional Locksmiths Tampa.

On the other hand, it is even more disturbing if a car key is stolen. This leads to significantly higher costs and involves a lot more administrative effort.

Anyone who finds it impossible to steal their car key is misunderstood. Key loss can happen even best of us. Suppose your key steal from the jacket or bag in the outdoor pool or cloakroom; what will you do? No doubt it’s a nerve-wracking situation.

To make you able to act properly in this situation. We would like to give you a little action guide that can keep you safe.

First, secure your car.

If the car key has been stolen due to the theft. The first step is to make sure the car is still in place and not stolen.

If so, you are in luck because you can assume that the thief was only aiming for easy cash by stealing valuables.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t make the mistake of assuming that you still have a duplicate key and take no action.

Have your car key been lost months ago, but you didn’t inform the authority? Regardless of whether it is due to the stolen key or not. It is very likely that the insurance company will not pay you. You will be left with the damage. This is obvious because as soon as you do not report the theft of your car key, you are committing gross negligence. Your carelessness enables the automobile insurer to refuse payment entirely, at least for now.

Call the Police and Report Crime.

As soon as you discover that the key has been stolen, you must react and report the incident to the police immediately by telephone.

How you proceed depends on where you parked the car and whether you currently have access to a spare key to retrieve any items in the car.

Fitter during the opening of the car

If you don’t have a car key in the immediate vicinity, it is advisable to call a competent locksmith. They’ll help you open your vehicle promptly.

Notify your insurance company about the theft

Can’t start your vehicle after opening it? Don’t have the right key, including the transponder? You should immediately organize your spare key to drive the vehicle home.

You should then inform your insurance company immediately about the loss of the vehicle key.

It is best to do this in writing by means of a registered letter, which should also mention that the police have already been informed of the incident.

On the other hand, if you do not report the theft to the relevant authorities. You risk being suspected of fraud by a car insurance company.

Have a new key obtained from your authorized workshop

Once the management process with the authorities and insurance companies is complete, you must finally ensure that they get the new car key.

Unfortunately, especially in modern vehicles with immobilizers and electronic central locking, the ignition key can no longer be copied by a locksmith.

Instead, you have to order it on-site from your car dealer or the manufacturer’s authorized workshop.

For this to work smoothly right from the start, you must bring your ID card and vehicle registration document to the relevant appointment. Besides, any existing code card for the key is also essential to get a duplicate key.

When the new car key finally arrives, it must be programmed. For this purpose, the vehicle electronics are also adapted to neither open nor start with the stolen key.

At this point, in particular, you have to remember that your change key should also be suitable for the modified electronics.

Car Locksmith in Tampacan fall back on a wealth of experience in opening vehicles and is usually on site after a short journey of just 15 to 30 minutes.

The competent staff of All In One Locksmith can open your vehicle in no time with the help of special tools without damage. They’ll also give you detailed advice on how to proceed in the event of theft.


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