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Can I install too many plugins?

The biggest question is: can you install too many plugins? And if so, how much is too much? What is the damage if you are overusing plugins for your site? How do I choose the right plugin types for my website? If you decide to start on WordPress you should know – too many WordPress plugins on your website are harmful. In this article, we will answer these important questions. Let’s dig in!

Slow website speed

It’s true that page speed really does matter. However, overloading a WordPress plugin on your site can slow down performance. You can use tools like Pingdom or GTmetrix to analyze the speed and page of a website.

Website security is always a major concern

You must protect your visitors’ data that is stored in your website’s database. If your site is not secure, then it is possible that a hacker will seriously destroy your site. One study found that approximately 39% of WordPress vulnerabilities are related to cross-site scripting (XSS). And about 52% of WordPress vulnerabilities are related to WordPress plugins.

In addition, a hacked website can undermine a brand’s reputation on the World Wide Web. The important thing is that every time you install any plugin or software on your website, there is a risk.

Reliability of your website

WordPress is an open source service, people can create, manage, test and publish all WordPress plugins or themes. With the endless supply of free WordPress plugins, most people work about the performance, security, and reliability of their website.

Poorly written plugins sometimes turn a great plugin into a mischievous one, which can cause website crashes. Professional developers can easily deal with problems big with WordPress plugins.

Always install the plugin from reputable sites and check the code quality

Do you ever install a new WordPress plugin and it breaks one of your plugins on your site? There are several chances. But whenever you add a new plugin, you increase the capabilities of your site. This is why you have to be very careful when adding a new plugin to your site.

Final – how plugins to install?

There is no fixed number of plugins that you can install on your website. This usually depends on the web host you are using for your site. For shared budget cloud hosting, you can use 0 to 5 WordPress plugins for your website.

Also, if you are using such as dedicated server and VPS hosting, you can install 5 to 10 plugins on your website without any hassle. Always remember that there are no specific rules as to how many plugins you can and cannot have on your website. Having too many active plugins on your site makes your site unusable. So let’s take a look at a few tips on how to avoid problems with too many plugins.

To sum up

This is the end! How many plugins are too many? It’s more about quality than quantity. Use the plugins that you require and update them regularly to fix their security gaps. It is important to note that remove the inactive plugins from your site and simply install the ones provided by reputable developers and companies.

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