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Bigg Boss 13 Gold Trophy – How to Win It!

The new Bigg Boss 13 trophy is available in the stores now. The gold trophy is very beautiful and is made of metallic fiber. The contestants will be required to choose a captain for their house and sacrifice one of their essential house items. The best way to convey your feelings to your fellow contestants is to receive this golden trophy. In this season of the show, you can win this gold trophy by winning the competition! Read on to find out how to win it!

Bigg Boss 13 Old Trophy

On Day 4, Bigg Boss announced a new task. The contestants had to distribute the amount of 25 lakhs to their team members. They were given 7 plates, which had the winning amount printed in bold. The contestants had to distribute these amounts within a specific time, or else the winning amount would turn into zero. If the contestants failed to finish the task, the winning amount will become zero, and the runner-up will get the prize.

The winner of Bigg Boss Telugu will receive the trophy and a cash prize worth Rs 100 crore. The contestants who win the main task will play against those who lost and those who destroyed the ball. After the main task, only two contestants will remain. After the task, these contestants will have to choose their supporters. Vishal and Meenal are the last two contestants in the house, and they are vying for the captaincy. Adish Vaidya, Sneha Wagh, and Trupti Desai were eliminated.

The newest Bigg Boss episode also introduces the Khulja Sim task, in which contestants had to find a suitable captain for their house. In this task, each contestant had to select a worthy captain. If the person who got the most medals became captain next week, the others would be voted out of the house. However, there were some people who failed to get the full password. There were some contestants who were able to find a worthy person for eviction, but two of them did not get the full password.

What Is The Hardest Trophy Means

The S-Rank Trophy is the hardest trophy in the game. This trophy requires a contestant to complete all the tasks with S rank. To earn this trophy, the contestants must first collect the trophy from the Bigg Boss’s house. They must also visit the house of their favorite contestants. During this task, they should find a way to earn the gold trophy. You can also compete for the Gold Cup by completing the tasks.

In this task, the Bigg Boss 15  assigned a new task called ‘BB College’. The contestants were asked to paste posters of their favorite idols on the wall. The captains would be voted by the viewers. In this task, the contestants had to choose a captain for their house. The four captains were Vishal, Surekha, and Avish. The three contestants remained in the house until the final round.

The contestants selected Akshay and Vishal for the second task. The contestants had to build a house for an Old Lady. The two teams were assign four boards. Each team member is assign a different subject. During this task, one team was the teacher while the other group is the student. The contestants were given the power to destroy the board. Those who had the most students won the trophy. This was the last task of the show.

The other week of the Bigg Boss, the contestants were divide into males and females. They were group near the pool area. The men had to stand on the same side while the women had to stand outside. The contestants were then ask to sing a song or dance to earn the trophy. The winner of this task would be the captain of the team. But this week, the women were able to win the gold trophy.


The contestants in the current season were also ask to solve a lava poster master task. The contestants were suppose to paste posters on the wall and the person with the most posters would be the captain of the team in the next week. Trupti was the sanchalak for the week. Vishal and Sneha chose Avis and Mira  While the men had the most posters, the women had to answer the question of who had the most.

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