Sitting on the prime of a hill, Leh Palace is one of the best samples of medieval Tibetan design. This place is similar to the world-famous Potala Palace in Lhasa. The walls of the palace offer heat in winters and build a cool atmosphere in summers.

Some as recent as 450 years and made of colours derived from fine stones and gems. Murals graven on the walls depict glory days of the past. If that’s not fascinating enough, the palace provides spectacular views of the encompassing chain and also the natural depression below. There’s little doubt why this makes it to our list of prime places to visit in Ladakh.



The Shanti Stupa could be a white-domed monument engineered on high of a steep hill. Facing cover peaks, it absolutely was created by a noteworthy mix of Japanese Buddhists alongside the locals. It marked and celebrated 2500 years of Buddhism and was conjointly meant to be an emblem of peace. The stupa holds a golden Buddha sculpture and pictures of his birth and death.

Being at a vantage, the stupa affords pure views of the depression below. Lit up at nighttime, it acquires a great thing about its own. If you would like to witness a supernatural sunrise or sunset, this can be one of the most effective places to visit in Ladakh.



On the thanks to Leh, on the Srinagar-Leh road, lies the Sangam. it’s a confluence of 2 rivers at Nimmu. breathless to witness, here the emerald waters of the Indus merge with the dark-brown waters of Zanskar. It makes for a spectacular sight, particularly for nature lovers. it’s one of every of the highest ten places to go to in Ladakh if you would like to check AN memorable sight of natural marvel.



Imagine what it might want to air high of the planet. No, we tend to aren’t talking about the arduous climb to Everest. On the thanks to Nubra natural depression, a preferred destination in Ladakh lies Khardung La pass – the world’s highest motorable road. It has an altitude of eighteen,380 feet.


Stop here for a cup of tea and admire the surreal snow-clad landscape around you. this can be on the bucket list of everybody WHO travels to Ladakh. It nearly appears like you’re at a winter wonderland. this can be as a result of everything around you from rocks to roads to mountains area units draped in snow.


The steep and rugged piece of ground, winding roads, furious winds, and unpredictable weather means that you’ll earn bragging rights for creating it so much. No marvel it’s a ceremony of passage and one of all the highest places to visit in Ladakh for youth subculture, cyclists, and travel junkies.

Note: Being at such a high altitude, you can’t stop here for over twenty minutes. The chemical element levels area unit terribly low therefore doesn’t linger around for too long.



One of the most effective experiences in Ladakh is lying in the desert and gazing at 1,000,000 stars. You wouldn’t believe the United States of America, would you? finally, World Health Organization expects to search out a dessert atop the Himalayas? Most of you will not bear in mind that Ladakh is truly a high-altitude cold desert. It’s over evident at the super scenic Nubra depression.

One of the foremost common attractions during this depression is that the village of Hunder. Every year, this place is swarmed with thousands of travellers, World Health Organization returns to witness sand dunes wrapped around by golden brown mountains.

The desert is additionally home to the double-humped Bactrian camel, a rare species found solely during this region of Ladakh. A ride on the backs of those durable animals is definitely one of the foremost unforgettable experiences to possess.



Straddling borders with the Asian countries, Turtuk is that the nearest village to the ‘line of management (LOC). Set thus near to the border, this can be the sole village that tourists area unit allowable to go to. The landscape here changes dramatically with barren wastelands giving thanks to lush verdure. With associate degree abundance of Apricot and Peach fields. thickly settled by a Muslim population. This quaint village is one of the last cities in Bharat to possess an outstanding Balti culture. strive the delicious Balti preparation here, particularly the Apricot primarily based stew.

With its serene atmosphere, scenic vistas, and also the aquamarine waters of watercourse Shyok winding through the village, Turtuk is as heavenly because it gets. it’s undoubtedly one amongst the highest far-out places to go to in Ladakh, wherever you’ll absorb the sweetness undisturbed by tourer crowds.


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