Best Dirt Bike Movies to Watch in 2022

Here's a list of top 8 dirt bike movies you must watch in 2022

Top 8 Dirt Bike Movies

It’s not difficult to tumble down the deep, dark hole of short enduro and motocross recordings on YouTube (and cheerfully stay there). However, now and again you need to watch something longer with a smidgen more meat on its bones. For those occasions, we’ve gathered a rundown of the best dirt bike movies to watch in 2022.

On Any Sunday

This is our top pick and an absolute necessity for any rider. It’s from the 70s, however it actually passes on the sensation of riding that we as a whole love. Featuring Malcolm Smith, Mert Lawwill, and Steve McQueen, this exemplary has everything from level tracks to hillclimbs. Gracious, and it’s likewise got a magnificent 1970s soundtrack.

Residue to Glory

Ok, so this film isn’t about dirt bike they’ve snuck in some other rough terrain vehicles), however it is around quite possibly the most bad-to-the-bone race — the Baja 1000 rough terrain race. It’s a genuine trial of ability and perseverance, man versus nature, and stretching the boundaries. Dana Brown’s 2003 exemplary is another must-see for any rough terrain lover.

Dried up Demons of Dirt

This is an extraordinary series, which is presently up to 17 films. It began during the 90s, and some say it set the vibe for free-form riding. The primary film, which you ought to observe first, has a ton of in the background film and no lack of bounces. Think 145 ft hops, rising above anything you can imagine – houses, sand hills, transports…

Fox Racing’s Terrafirma

We requested some from our riders what their cherished soil bicycle motion pictures are and a considerable lot of them told us, no doubt, Terrafirma. These are recordings that you observe over and over. The principal film was delivered in 1994 and highlights Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, and Travis Pastrana.

Nitro Circus

Speaking of Travis Pastrana, he later proceeded to shape the activity sport aggregate Nitro Circus. Talk about a cool work, Travis and his companions venture to the far corners of the planet riding and doing stunts. There are eight dirt bike motion pictures altogether, a television series, and surprisingly a 3D element film. Look at their insane recordings at the Nitro Circus official Youtube channel.

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors records the Outdoor National MX Series from 2002-2011. These dirt bike films are stuffed loaded with rider analysis and some truly intriguing in the background film. You get a genuine investigate the universe of riders. Assuming you’re eager for additional, there were some reward film clasps and recordings made also.


This Disney Channel film is an extraordinary one for youthful riders, however us more established riders will not be exhausted by the same token. Ordinary of a Disney film, it follows the account of a young lady who needs to get into riding. Father obviously says no, you’re “just a girl.” Don’t feign exacerbation, this is really the main Hollywood motocross film that doesn’t absolutely suck.

Tougher than Iron

Tougher than Iron ganders at one of the most difficult enduros on the planet, the Erzberg. Assuming you’ve never been face to face, watch this film and you will be blown away. It will either make you need to attempt it yourself or stick to something somewhat less, um, extreme.


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