Are electric skateboards legal US?

A majority of states within the US do not yet have legalized electric skateboards. However, there are few places in America where you are able to legally ride an electric skateboard. These wowgoboard’ll discuss a bit further down.

You’ve probably purchased an electric skateboard but are worried about getting in problems with the law after hearing terrifying stories of police confiscating the boards, or you’re really keen to purchase the electric skateboard but haven’t done as yet as you’re curious about the laws governing electric skateboards are in place.

Wowgoboard like to keep updating this article to include each state in detail, but as you’ll see it’s a lot of work. Therefore be sure to check back regularly to check if your state has been added.

Electric Skateboard Laws

While the regulations and rules regarding the legality of using Electric skateboards as a regular mode of transportation is comparable to other countries however, the rules and regulations differ between states in America.

The federal government doesn’t interfere with the rules regarding electric vehicles since it is controlled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC) who are in collaboration with local traffic laws and regulations.

The State Of California

California allows it to allow the usage for Electric Skateboards; however there are some rules that are enforced. This includes:

  1. Helmets are required.
  2. Raiders must be 16 or over.
  3. The board is not permitted to be utilized on main roads or highways.
  4. The maximum speed maximum is set at 20 miles hour.
  5. The skateboard shouldn’t support more than 1000 watts of power.
  6. Reflector lights in yellow and red on the back and white light for night on the front must be visible on the skateboard.
  7. The speed should not be more than 15 miles per hour in public and crowded zones.

State Of New York

The skateboards aside the possibility of an electric bike is considered to be illegal within New York. There’s been an ongoing protest against it, and therefore modifications are being considered.

State Of Texas

Skateboards fall under the category of the category of ‘Motor assisted scooter’ within Texas and its use is contingent upon observing some guidelines. These are -The speed that is allowed should not exceed 35 MPH. The skateboard can be used only on sidewalks or bicycle lanes.

State Of Florida

Since skateboards are classified under the heading Motor Vehicle and require registration. Because of the shape, size as well as other design and safety requirements of a registration for motor vehicles however, it’s currently not possible to register.

Because of this ambiguity in categorizing, Electric Skateboards are deemed illegal in Florida as well. Similar to moto vehicles, since they are not permitted on sideways or bicycle lanes, it’s almost difficult to make use of Electric skateboards in any part of Florida.

In the same way, states like Illinois, Alabama, Delaware as well as Idaho are also prohibited on electric bicycles.

State Of Michigan

In the year 2018, electric skateboard remote were made legal means of transport in Michigan. However, additional regulations are also in place which must be strictly adhered to. These include:

There is no skateboard that can be used at speeds that exceed the is 25 mph. The skateboard can’t be powered by more than 2500 watts. Only one person can ride on an Electric Skateboard at a given time.

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