Android or iOS Mobile App Development: Which Should Be Built First

Businesses are very acquainted with the investment to engage the audience with their top services and products. Many questions arise at a single time. For example, which is the best way to engage the audience beyond the geographical region and has the simple answer: mobile applications.

The confusion is all about the Mobile App Development Company in Thailand because features and costing are decided after choosing the platform.

Let’s go through the factors clearly in this blog with complete discussion and analysis:

User Demographics

While getting to the initial phases of the mobile app development, you have to understand the primary motive of action. The users, their expense behaviors, and their location are primary factors, and on their basis, application development and the running platform are decided. Currently, Android has the most significant users base, with the 75% of the market covered due to being open source and having simple UI. However, if we talk about apple, it is winning the market in revenue like 65 cents out of each dollar.

If we go through the international scale, with a foreign audience, Android app development can help better. But if you are designing an app monetization model and need to generate revenue from in-app consumer spending, go for the iOS application.

Keep in mind that Android holds the majority of the market share, and iOS has domination on the revenue generated from apps. Both platforms essentially push the market against each other with full force. So, keep an eye on the trends every day that how expansion and development affect the industry. This is how you will be aware of current affairs in the market.

App Monetization

App monetization strategies of both platform applications are the same but reflect an approach where the revenue differentiates. Typically, android applications are likely to support ads for revenue generation. In contrast, iOS applications require a purchase or initiated only after a personal investment by the user on the app store. Paying for apps is very common on both platforms, and ad-supported apps are available for iOS also.

The Mobile App Development Company market will take revenue up to 935 billion dollars by 2023. It is essential to look over the high-level trends before monetizing your app. Businesses have to take care of conciseness on the topics and app features. You have to make your development team according to the primary user base. The user’s spending behavior impacts the app revenue and its popularity, which can also get you high turnover.

User Adoption Rate

Android is an open-source operating system, and this is why it is adopted by several users around the world and the reason for low app revenue compared to iOS apps. It provides you flexibility for the development of your application. This is also important for you to know that android users show slow adoption rates towards new versions of apps or operating systems.

iOS users show quick adoption rates on high speed for new versions of their operating systems. The estimated number of iOS users who have updated their iPhone version to iOS 14 is 84%. If your app needs high security, go for the iOS because iOS newer versions are more secure.

App Development Speed

‍Another important consideration for the platform selection is the development and delivery speed. The required feature, APIs, and language are used to affect the development and delivery speed.

If you want to get the app faster, it depends on the in-house app development team or outsourcing the dedicated developer or firm for your project. The technology they are adopting and your budget for mobile application development matter most. So, there is an uncountable reason for the proper consideration before deciding on the platform. Pre-research and analysis are great decisions and let you help with effective strategies. Apple itself approves the process of maintaining an excellent management strategy.

Many businesses are thinking about hiring Mobile App Development companies in Thailand and need to learn the art of selection. First, just make sure your development partner has a great experience in action, and it will simply get you the managing strategies. Then, weigh your product for its features and cost of it. Only after that can you choose your mobile application platform.


If you are willing to learn about better possibilities, go for the changes and try something different. Reach AppSquadz for better consultation and clarified for your decisions and the requirements meeting the business performance. The overall strategy for development works on better ideas relevant to your business objectives. If you want to hire a team for the development and designing of your app then w have a team with expert solutions.

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