9 Best Practices for Raising Your Credit Score

Increasing your score before borrowing is an important step. Credit building is an important step to getting instant approval and a low rate of interest. When you need a high-value loan, you always need to improve your credit score. There are various ways in which you can improve your credit score. A good credit score always makes it possible for individuals to get any kind of loan at the best rate of interest. Therefore, before you apply for any kind of loan, like a house loan or a car loan, you need to increase your credit score. Here are the nine best practises that you can follow to build credit over time.

Pay your bills on time

This is a good habit and you need to maintain it until you get a good credit score and even after that. When you are disciplined about payments, it helps you get a clean track record. Pay your bills on time and within the due date to improve your credit score. Whether you are making a payment on a credit card or a loan, you need to make the payment on time. Make sure you maintain a clean track record, which helps you improve your credit score over time.

Keep your credit accounts open

If you are planning to improve your credit score, you need to keep your credit accounts open. A credit account means credit cards and existing loans. You need to keep the credit account with a long credit history open so that it improves your credit score. The longer the credit date, the better it will be for the improvement of your credit profile. If you have a credit card with a long credit history and a clean track record, do not close the account.

Do not apply for more than one loan

It is very important to understand that whenever you apply for a particular loan, loan providers run a hard inquiry. The hard inquiries run on your credit profile for background verification damage your credit score. Since it is not a “soft credit score check”, every time the loan provider runs a background check on your credit profile, it will damage your credit score. Therefore, even after getting rejected, if you keep on applying, your credit score will be affected.

Do not carry any balances on your credit cards

When you make a bill payment, you should complete your entire bill without keeping any overdue or pending amount. It is true that credit cards offer a minimum balance payment option, but we must not avail the same. When you only pay the minimum balance for a long time, it damages your credit score and makes it more expensive. To build your credit score, you should always pay your bills completely without keeping any past due.

Check your credit score on a regular basis

If you are trying to increase your credit score, you can do the same by checking your credit score on time. It is important to know for a fact that when you check your credit score, you get to report the errors. There are several errors and mistakes reported on your credit score that damage your credit score. For every entry or error, you will damage your credit score by 100 points. This will never allow you to borrow with quick approval and a low-interest rate. You need to check your credit score so that you are able to report the errors and improve your credit score. Learn how to get a business loan.

Low debt to income ratio

A debt-to-income ratio is the ratio of income that you pay towards your debt repayment. You cannot improve your credit score if you have multiple loans. Finish off your existing loan before taking out a new one.

Keep your credit utilisation ratio under control

When you use credit accounts like overdrafts, loans, or credit cards, they come with a particular fixed credit limit. When you utilise the credit limit, it falls under the credit utilisation ratio. There are individuals that completely exhaust the entire credit limit available.

A balanced credit mix

It is important to manage your credit mix in the right manner. When you saturate your credit profile with both secured and unsecured loans, the credit mix is always balanced. Saturating your credit mix will always help in improving your credit score.

Review credit report

Review credit reports to detect errors and improve the chances of improving your credit score. The wrong entries and errors in the credit reports pull your score down.

Wrapping up

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