5 Creative ideas to Make a Unique and Attractive Packaging Design

In the food industry, one of the most preferred ways to generate sales is better packaging. Many brands and restaurants neglect their packaging quality and design. A neglecting packaging fails to captivate customers. Therefore, this leads to a decrease in sales. Better packaging is your way to advertise your food product and grab customers for you.

Your food product packaging helps to advertise your food as edible. Basically, your packaging is your salesman in the market. It will promote your product through its packaging. A unique packaging helps to create hype in the market and grab the attention of the customers.

All competitors of the food industry look forward to seeking the maximum attention towards their product. For this purpose, they use different marketing strategies and look for ways to create hype for their product. Manufacturers neglect the most effective way in search of other ways!

If your packaging is exquisite and worth enough to stand out in the market, it will automatically boost your sales. An eye-captivating packaging helps to make your product popular in the market. Moreover, your sales and brand worth will automatically increase!

Packaging helps set a trademark of your brand:

Setting a place for your product in the market is not easy. Maintaining brands equity is every firm’s prime concern. Packaging helps set a trademark of your brand in the market and also speaks for your brand.

Packaging, to be true, builds a consumer perception of the brand. If the packaging is good, the brand can be trustworthy. However, a neglected packaging marks the impression of a low-quality food product!

People don’t take risks especially when it comes to food products. The hygiene concern always bothers the consumers. Having said that, hot dogs and corn dogs are some of the most liked and consumed food products. But the unquestionable competition amongst their producers has taken a toll on the consumers as well. It gets hard for a buyer to decide which hot dog to buy. Henceforth, the only way to bring the most customers towards your hot and corn dogs is by improving the quality of their packaging and forming a unique design. Here is a guide for you to make an attractive unique packaging design for your custom hot dog boxes!

Enhance and make your logo attractive!

A logo speaks and represents your brand in the market. Almost all custom hot dog boxes have a logo imprinted for the identification of their brand. However, you need to make your logo the most eye-captivating amongst others.

For this purpose, you can utilize the embossing and debossing technique. Embossing will uplift and make a 3-dimensional appearance of your logo. Its uplifting will highlight the logo and make it prominent. However, with debossing, your logo will be imprinted on the inner of Blank Cereal Boxes. In simpler words, your logo design will be suppressed in the packaging.

Now to enhance your debossing, you can use foiling to fill in the logo. The foiling may be of any color you prefer. However, gold and silver foils are commonly used since they are highly attractive.

Apart from embossing and debossing, you can also simply print your logo with foiling on the packaging. This will enhance your logo while keeping it simplistic.

Choose convenient packaging!

Your corn dog boxes must be convenient and easy to carry that has a stick holder for the corn dog as well. That is why brands go for customizing a packaging style for their pink donut boxes according to their requirement. The following custom packaging boxes can opt for your custom corn dog boxes!

  • Pillow boxes:

As the name says, pillow boxes are originally wide and spacious. They make the perfect fit for your corn dog boxes. They help to balance your corn dog stick and make it a very suitable and convenient packaging for your customers to carry!

  • Fence partition boxes:

This box-style creates a partition amongst your hot and corn dogs and the sauces don’t touch each other. With such a boxing style, your hot dogs stay aligned, without touching and damaging the sauce coating of one another!

  • Tray and sleeve boxes:

This is a two-piece box style and is commonly used for various products. You can customize your packaging and add a hole for your corn dog stick to glide in the box

Add a die-cut window for a better display!

Consumers prefer to have a glance at the product before making a purchase. Therefore, the concept of die-cut windows was introduced for this reason. A die-cut window is a shape concealed on the top of your custom hot dog boxes. This helps consumers to have a better glance at the product. Moreover, a high-quality PVC sheet covers the window to protect your food edible.

The die-cut window of your corn dog boxes doesn’t have to be of a specific shape. It can be any shape you want. You can personalize a square shape for a wider and bigger glance. You can be creative with your die-cut windows as well. This window can also be the shape of your hot dog or the alphabet of your brand name. All is possible; you just need to make a decision!

Tell the world that your box is eco-friendly!

Our environment has become toxic and hazardous. People like to make a purchase of a product whose packaging is eco-friendly and can be recycled. Printing the sign of reuse and recycle tells the people that your custom hot dog boxes are nature friendly. Therefore, people will gladly make a purchase of your product. Your consideration towards the environment will create hype for your product and you will receive appreciation for this action!

Thus, this guide sums up all the ways you can utilize to make your custom hot dog boxes and corn dog boxes attractive and convenient for the consumers to carry if they prefer to take them away!



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