5 Game-Changing Ecommerce Trends in 2022

Are you ready for 2022 in terms of business and trade

E-commerce stores and online marketing have taken the world by storm, and we have to give credit where it’s due. The credit goes to none other than the COVID19, the world was shut down because of the pandemic, but it gave life to the online e-commerce stores. Many businesses were born in this era, the extreme lockdown got people bored, and they made the best use of their skills and internet by starting a home business. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the outbreak of COVID19 was a blessing for a small fraction of people. People looking to get their hijabs online needed some e-commerce store that would get them at the best and the cheapest rates.

As much as we are ready for 2022 in terms of business and trade, there are various things that we are still not pretty much aware of.

There is no doubt a pandemic has brought various changes in the business world, but even for e-commerce stores, it was not very favorable. Brands like the Black Camels were given many highlights in this period as they have come a long way during the COVID19 era. For all the hijabis and the scarf-loving people, we have good news for you.

Black Camels has recently launched their pret collection named Qarabis, making your parties and other events much better for you. Now you do not have to compromise over your religious beliefs anymore.

Let’s see what surprises brands like the Black Camels have in 2022 in terms of e-commerce techniques.

1. Voice Search Option

Speaking is always better than typing. I mean, who even has got enough time today to do that. Whether at a party, at home, or even in the office, speaking orders make things a lot easier than before.

It’s no wonder how brands like Amazon, Alexa, and Google’s Assistant are taking part in it and making shopping much easier for their customers. According to the current statistics, the assistant voice speaker is expected to reach around $4billion in 2022. If we go in the maximum range, we can undoubtedly say that voice shopping will be hitting $40 billion by 2022.

For all the e-commerce business owners, this will be one big opportunity as the strategies of employing voice search optimization can rank keywords and other phrases that will perfectly suit the queries of voice search.

2. Personalized Products Demands

One of the best things that organizations are doing for most customers is introducing personalized and customized products. Satisfying customers is no walk in the park. Getting them sorted through the plethora of categories is not easy and does not solve the major issue. Nevertheless, customizing products makes a huge difference in customer satisfaction since the customers like to wear and buy products that are different from others.

The research says that almost 22% of the customers willingly share their data for personalized products. In 2022, it is expected to grow, and brands are going more into the concept of getting their customer’s customized products. It enhances the shopping experience of the customers and strengthens brand loyalty as well.

3. Chatbots

Customer service agents have the job of 24/7. No man or woman is okay with giving their services all day to the customers. The best thing is that technology has taken over the world and taken over the jobs of regular human beings.

Handling the queries of the customer is one thing and solving them is another thing. A few businesses out there hire thousands of customer support representatives to deal with their customers. Meanwhile, we all know how advancement in technology has taken over the world and has made everything much easier. In the year 2022, chatbots integration is expected, and the best way to do this is to perform various tasks at one point.

  • Take feedback from the surveys.
  • Answer FAQs quickly.
  • Give product recommendations
  • Inform the world about the sale offers

4. Augmented Reality

Online and physical stores both have some next-level shopping excitement. They give off different vibes, but both are loved and adored by everyone around. However, you would see a drastic gap in the delivery of both kinds of shopping.

You cannot see the object when you shop online. It is impossible to feel the fabric of the cloth, and you have no other option than to trust the seller. Here, Augmented Reality comes in handy, as they fill the gap by simply showing off the product and how they look in real life.

Augmented reality is expected to make online shopping much more flexible for lazy customers. The brands like the Black Camels can take drastic advantage of this technique and show exactly how their abaya and hijab design will look in reality. The research shows almost 71% of the customers would shop more if given the option of AR.

5. Omnichannel selling

Single-channel selling is not going to work anymore. You cannot depend on just one thing for your selling. You should have some better and more options to buy from. Single selling is good as it directly shows that your brand is doing everything perfectly.

However, one thing that limits your selling as there are not more vendors and people taking your stuff. The more channels you have, the more chances you have to attract a plethora of customers. Again according to some of the research, 84.9% of the customers do not purchase anything until they have seen it multiple times in different stores.

Wrapping up

2022 is the year with a lot of opportunities for e-commerce stores. Since the Black Camels have introduced their new category Qarabis. They should get into all the new techniques to stretch over the online market. Now you can get all the Hijab online without fretting much about the way they look in real life!

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