5 Best Tourist Attractions to Explore in Detroit

Explore in Detroit

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan, located on the banks of Lake St. Clair and Detroit River. This place is a perfect blend of zoos, museums, art places, and much more. The best trip you can plan here is a family vacation. Here you will find something or the other for all. The Detroit Zoo will keep your kids intrigued, while the Detroit Institute of Arts will amaze you. You can also go to the very famous and largest island in the country, i.e., the Belle Isle. If you plan your trip, make advance JetBlue booking to focus on all the fun instead of worrying about your reservations. 

  • Motown Museum

This legendary museum is one of the most visited tourist locations in the city. The name might suggest that it is a car museum, but this is a place where many legends have recorded their music. Michael Jackson, King of Pop, and many such big stars have used this place to create magic. to explore the area to the best, join a guided tour where they not only tell you the history of the place but also make sure that you don’t miss any corner of this place. The displays here include many musical instruments and equipment used in the early days by the legends. Although this place has prohibited photography, it is worth visiting to create memories and soak the Motown museum within.

  • Henry Ford Museum

Detroit is incomplete without the mention of Henry Ford. The founder of Ford made an impeccable historical moment in history when he created the “Everyone’s car T model” in 1908. The Henry Ford Museum is completely dedicated to him and to keeping his legacy alive. This museum is the largest in the entire US, and hence you will need to take enough time if you want to get the best out of this place. Again, this museum is also not all about cars but also includes many other innovations done by the Americans. surrounding this museum is the Greenfield Village which is best to be visited if you want to explore the lifestyle of Americans in the olden days. The place is surrounded by just ancient buildings from the 17th Century. 

  • Belle Isle

This small island is spread on a land space of 5km situated between Ontario and Michigan. This place is a two-in-one experience because you can take a view of Detroit as well as Windsor from one spot. This island is not just about the sights, but along with that, there are many tourist attractions located on this land. You can visit many museums, casinos, and conservatories here. The oldest aquarium in America is also on this island, so you and your family can undoubtedly have a great day trip when you visit Belle Isle. One thing to remember is to get the Recreation Passport needed by anyone to bring their vehicle to the island. It is more like an entry fee.

  • Detroit Institute of Arts

For people who love to explore local art at a place, the Detroit Institute of Arts is the place to visit in the city. This institute holds collections from the earliest cultural times in the city till today. Inside the walls of this place exists more than 100 galleries having a collection of more than 65,000 art pieces in the display. The collection is from America, Europe, Africa, and even Oceania. The highlights of this art institute are works of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Picasso. Additionally, you will find Islamic art pieces here, such as pottery, stones, and Bronze art pieces. Don’t miss the Paul McPharlin Puppetry Collection and film and theater memorabilia when visiting the Detroit Institute of Arts.  

  • Detroit Zoo

If you are on vacation with your kids, then take them to the Detroit Museum. They will enjoy and learn many things all together here. This zoo is spread across 150 acres of land and has a huge variety of wildlife and aqua life. The management has segregated the zoo on the basis of habitat. The most attractive habitat is African, where you and your kids can take a look at rhinos, zebras, lions, and other wildlife creatures. Another section that tourists love is the Ape habitat that includes gorillas and chimpanzees. The Asian habitat includes lemurs, tigers, camels, and red pandas. The list can go on. But make sure that you take your kids to each section. They will find some of the most exotic species that they might not anywhere else in the country. You can also enjoy some interactive activities here such as feeding giraffes, penguin shows, and much more. Your kids will definitely love the Detroit Zoo.

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