12 Great Ideas for Surprise Gifts for Husband

It’s no secret that finding the perfect gift for your husband can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, because, with a little bit of creativity, you can come up with some amazing ideas that will surprise and delight him. Here are a few examples of great surprise gifts for husband:

1. A GPS

If your husband enjoys the idea of owning a sports car but he doesn’t want to spend too much money on it, these are excellent surprise gifts for husband that will help him enjoy driving while also saving some cash.

2. Ski tickets

Whether you live in an area where skiing is common or not, if your husband loves doing this activity, buying tickets to ski resorts can be one of the best ideas for surprising him on his birthday or anniversary. This way he can enjoy fun activities with other people at discounted rates!

3. Tickets to concerts and sporting events

Your husband may love watching sporting teams compete against each other so why not take things up a notch? Buy tickets to events you both would like to attend and make sure you arrive before the game starts to surprise him. This way he won’t have a clue of what’s about to happen and he will be surprised for sure!

4. A whole day out

If your husband is busy with his work or studies most days, make sure you spend one day completely dedicated to each other. Meet up in the city, go see some art exhibitions together, visit museums if that’s something you both enjoy doing. This is also an awesome idea for birthday surprise gifts for husband or anniversary presents!

5. Gadget accessories

Many men are gadget enthusiasts so this is something they would really appreciate receiving as a gift. Go online and look at what kind of newest accessories are available for their devices – chances are very good your husband will love them!

6. Sports memberships

If your husband is really into sports, buy him some membership for his favorite team. This way he won’t have to go out of his way to watch game highlights on YouTube or get up early in the morning so he can see the scores – he will simply get notifications directly on his phone or tablet.

7. A personalized gift basket filled with goodies

Cookies, candies, and snacks are always appreciated so why not take this idea one step further? Prepare a basket full of all kinds of prefilled munchies that you know your husband would enjoy having while relaxing at home after work or during weekend mornings before breakfast.

8. Tickets to a sports event

Buy tickets to an upcoming match between two of his favorite teams so he can go with his friends and have a great time! Make sure you arrange everything in advance, especially when it comes to transportation – there is nothing more disappointing than arriving at the wrong place

9. A professional photo session

Guys don’t usually enjoy having their pictures taken but this doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate a decent gift from their wives from time to time. If your husband loves photography or if he simply wants updated photos for his profile, give this idea a try – he may love it! You can also add some prints for his office desk to make things easier when it comes to finding new clients.

10. Tickets for an all-inclusive vacation

If your husband loves relaxing on the beach with his favorite cocktail in hand, why not make this idea of surprise gifts for husband even better? Buy tickets to resorts or spas you both would like to visit and make sure he doesn’t find out about it until the day of the flight.

11. A date night basket filled with candy and snacks

Guys always appreciate stuff that will help them relax after a long day at work so if you can tell he has been working too much lately, show him what he means to you by getting this basket full of sweets and snacks delivered right to his doorstep. This is one of the best birthday and anniversary presents for men!

12. A spa weekend with the boys

If your husband has always wanted to go to a spa but doesn’t seem to find the time for this, you can make his dream come true by taking him there yourself. Allocate some time in your own calendar that will be dedicated solely to pampering him and showing him how much you love and care about him.


Good luck finding great birthday surprise gifts for husband in Dubai. If you are creative, you can come up with some amazing ideas that will surprise him and make him feel special. There are many more ideas for surprising your husband so just think outside the box, be creative and you might find something really unique!

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