10 Quick Tips about Custom Cake Boxes Printing

Custom Cake Boxes

Every confectioner dreams of building a customers’ affinity with their delectable baked edibles, but a few of them can transform it into reality. It is easy to expect your bakery brand to become a customer favorite, but it takes a lot of effort to reach there. A challenging yet feasible option is to elevate the custom cake boxes printing so as to add a “wow” factor to your product appeal. There is a great chance you may not be able to print them in a spot-on manner. The reason behind that lies in a lot of complexities involved in the process. With this expert advice, efficient and impeccable box printing is possible.

The finest stock selection:

The significance of choosing stocks of the finest quality cannot be undermined. The quality of materials has a say in how the final printed product would look like. If you are trying to save money by selecting a material with inferior quality, it may result in a poor print. Not just that, the protection of cakes would also be compromised that may tarnish your brand’s image and reputation. So, select a material of good thickness and flexibility to imprint the cake packaging in an impeccable way.

Use water-based inks:

Just like the stock, the inks used for printing also matter. While browsing “cake boxes near me” on your smartphones, keep an eye over which inks are used for their printing process. Plastisol and other petroleum-based links are not usually a good choice. They sit on top of the packages, which makes the printed design vulnerable to scratches and other damages during transit. Also, they tend to disappear or fade out after a specific time period. Bearing that in mind, use water-based or soy-based inks as they seep into the packaging textures and dry up quickly. The printed designs from these inks tend to last longer, along with a perfect aesthetic impact.

Compatible printing method:

Before partnering with cake boxes wholesale suppliers, take some time out to look for the proposed printing methods. Having a go at random print technologies is not a wise choice. Make sure that a particular method is fit for your print job. For instance, digital printing paired with CMYK is an efficient choice for high-end results but does not suit bulk print jobs. If you are printing cake boxes in bulk, going with offset technology is the best approach. Likewise, check out whether the opted technology can print ideally on a particular stock or not.

Single or two-color stratagem:

Getting extravagant with your custom packaging printing is not wise. You need to look for all the cost-saving opportunities to maintain a healthy bottom line for a successful business. Instead of using a three or 4-color approach, prefer a single-color use. Not just will it save you money, but it will also help you achieve congruency with the “minimalism” design trend. If it is really the requirement to embellish the packaging with a higher aesthetic value, use a two-color approach to save yourself a great deal.

Artistic artwork:

Artwork is the most important element in a packaging design that makes or breaks the sale of a product. Print artistic artwork on the cake packages by keeping an eye on your product and brand specifications. Employ some graphics, symbols, patterns, and other visual cues that make the boxes stand out and noteworthy. Make sure these cues and the color schemes are hinting well at the personality and values of your brand to cut through the competition clutter.

Don’t imprint conventional phrases:

A fundamental mistake that most confectioners make while printing the cake packages is the use of conventional marketing phrases. These phrases are not the best at pitching your products. You do not need to tell the target audience that your cakes are the best, so they should buy these edibles. The responsible brand always lets the potential clients decide what is in their best interests. Considering that, print only the true facts and benefits of your eatables to earn credibility.

Keep it interactive:

While printing the packages, you need to do something different that captures the undivided attention of potential clients. One such approach is using printing to add a visual texture to the packages. Use different color combinations and shades to make the target audience feel your packages have a wooden or marble texture. This invites them to run their hands on the smooth texture and builds their interest in purchasing your products.

Comply with green standards:

The increasing waste levels have put the brands under a legal and moral obligation to come with an eco-friendly packaging design. Ask your cupcake boxes wholesale supplier to manufacture the packages with perfectly recyclable materials. Kraft stock is an excellent choice here because it has excellent printability too. It can absorb the inks well and distribute them evenly throughout the texture for perfect results. Also, prefer the use of eco-friendlier inks rather than the inks that are chemical-laden.

Limited edition design approach:

The rote printed designs are detrimental to all your marketing efforts through cake packages. The potential clients are always inclined towards things that are a bit unique from the rest. Keeping that in your mind, try introducing limited edition prints in the packaging design. Always keep changing the color schemes, patterns, and illustrations according to the festivity of the ongoing season. Designing packages for Christmas, Halloween, or wedding cake boxes are the best way to retain the customers’ interest.

2D graphics:

Printing the cake packages is often a gruesome process for most designers. This is because they lose focus in an attempt to try something out of the box. Stick to the basics of printing and design your packages with simple 2D graphics. Although they do not have as much visual impact as 3D graphics, they are attractive enough to seize attention. The biggest advantage of printing these graphics is that they are cost-effective and less time-consuming.

If you are not an expert, custom boxes printing is not an easy job.Some little mistakes can be blunders that might lead to a disaster with your packaging printing matters. Following the experts’ advice is always in the best interest of your business because they suggest you time-tested strategies for perfect printing. During the whole process, the word of caution is to stay in line with your branding theme and do not overdesign.

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