10 Essential Capabilities of Remote Team Training Software

When deciding to implement training software for your remote team(s), there are 10 features you should keep in mind. These are the most important capabilities of any online training tool when it comes to delivering effective virtual work instruction.

1. Establish Online Comradery with Desktop Sharing & Video Chat

Before getting into the nuts and bolts, let’s acknowledge that teams want to be able to see each other during their training sessions. Projects can get complicated over time with too many moving parts, so what better way to smooth out all those rough edges than face-to-face interaction? With desktop sharing and video chat capabilities, everyone will feel comfortable asking questions related to their respective deliverables right from the get-go.

2. Invite Everybody to the Team Training Session

The problem with session-based learning is that it fosters a sense of exclusion. Unfortunately, not everyone may be able to attend (and this group will usually consist of the people who need the training the most). For virtual training sessions, there should be no limitations on who can join and when so that everyone can get the job done.

3. Allow Trainees to Submit Questions & Show their Work in Real-Time

The more transparent a work environment, the better. For this reason, it is best if training sessions were completely open for anybody to join and everyone could view all content shared during the session (including any project files). The most difficult part of working remotely is that we never know what we don’t know; therefore, there should be some way to allow trainees to find answers on their own and ask questions in real-time while they watch their peers’ screens or listen to instructors guides them through lessons.

4. Increase Productivity during Training Sessions by Prioritizing Key Topics

In case you haven’t noticed, effective virtual work instruction is a bit more difficult to provide than traditional classroom training. This is especially true if your remote teammate(s) are scattered around the world. For them to stay engaged during training sessions, they need to be able to focus on their deliverables at all times – even when questions arise that don’t relate directly with what they’re doing at the moment. With an online training software tool that prioritizes topics based on where each person is in their project, everyone can stay focused without missing out on critical information. This makes it easier than ever to stay on track and get tasks done more efficiently.

5. Organize Training Topics by Project Priority

So let’s say you’ve created the perfect virtual work instruction training session for your remote team(s). Now what? How do you make sure they know exactly where each topic fits in concerning their current project? Organize these topics based on priority, it becomes immediately clear which issues need to address right away and which can wait until a later time when there’s nothing else going on.

6. Enable Team Members to Post Questions When They’re Not Completely Clear

There are always going to be some steps along the way that your remote team members won’t understand completely, even if you do provide any necessary training upfront. When it comes to the real world, no one will ever know everything, and you can’t always be there. With a well-organized virtual work instruction training session that your remote team members can follow along with as they go. Questions should arise from time to time during each topic. Since all of these topics will prioritize, those questions can easily address as soon as they come up flag them for further review or underlining them to make them stand out from the rest of the content.

7. Provide Real-Time Feedback during Training Sessions

For your remote teams’ online training sessions to be a success in terms of helping them. Perform better on projects going forward, they need to know where they stand about the rest of their team. This means that remote work instructions need to tailor appropriately. So that they’re most useful for everyone involved and provide real-time feedback on key metrics.

8. Enable Everyone to Follow Along at Their Own Pace

Every project is different, and each one will require a slightly different approach when it comes to training your remote teams. For this reason, any virtual work instruction software you use should allow everyone to follow. Along at their own pace regardless of whether they’re in the same office. Spread out across different continents, or anything in between.

9. Make Sure Everyone Has Everything They Need Before Training Sessions Begin

Before starting any type of meeting (virtual or not), it will require practice to make sure everyone will access everything they need before it even begins. This includes having all the necessary training materials ahead of time, as well as other tools that will help you get the results you need from each session.

10. Coordinate Team Meetings and Collaboration Sessions with Ease

To get your remote teams going in the right direction at full speed, you’re going to have a lot of conversations alongside a lot of training sessions. This is especially true if you want virtual work instruction software that helps increase productivity by allowing people to collaborate whenever possible. If these team meetings pose any sort of challenge whatsoever. Consider being proactive and getting virtual meeting software so everyone can keep things moving forward and get the job done.


Remote work instruction software is the perfect way to help your remote teams complete projects from beginning to end. But it isn’t helpful unless it has all of these essential capabilities that make training sessions easier and virtual collaboration more effective and efficient. Remote work instruction software that meets all of the above criteria is a great way to help your entire team work together. Even when they’re hundreds or thousands of miles apart and can’t even see one another.

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